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Typing on the iPhone – here is the secret!

October 15, 2008

I have tried a couple of different apps for writing on the iPhone.

The best is the native keyboard!

Here is the secret you need to make it work. Maybe this is in the manual, or obvious to some, but for me it was a revelation when I hit on it about a month after getting the phone.

The secret is:

  • Use your thumbs.
  • Look at the keys, not the screen (cover it up!).
  • Type like mad, don’t worry about hitting the right keys.

You will be delighted with the results when you look, even if there are a few errors.

  • Correct later, use index finger if you will.

One more little tip: Slide (not tap) to add punctuation, that takes you automatically back to the ABC screen.


Shifting stuff around

October 8, 2008


Posted via Pixelpipe.

Later: Ooops I did not know that is what I had just done, posted an image from my iPhone to the blog. Something worked, but not the way I wanted it to. I was hoping I had sent something to the Images folder, but that is not what happened, this links to Pixelpipe. Never mind.

Email on iPhone Question

September 23, 2008

I have my own email server and use pop3 from that in Thunderbird on the PC. I have used Gmail to backup all my email on the web. I have not used the Gmail account other than that until now.

I have synced my Gmail with the iPhone. That works well. I can do things on the iPhone and they are also done on the Web.


I would also like to have Thunderbird, managed in the same way synced in with the Gmail. I need an offline mirror of my email as I have poor web access at times.


Obviously IMAP or something is needed, that is available through my web host.

Just what is involved there? Any recommendations?

Later: Monday, 29 September, 2008

I have used DreamHost to move my email ovewr to Gmail Imap. I access it through Thunderbird. on the PC, all seems to work OK. Filtering like mad to get just what I want in the inbox, working pretty well! There are still some confusing folders but I’ll get there I think.

Windows 7 to get integrated touch features?

December 15, 2007

Windows 7 might be a while off, and Apple might beat them to it, but it looks as if the future will mean more images, more sketches.

Windows 7 to get integrated touch features? – Engadget

Regardless of how Tablet PCs have actually done in the marketplace, Microsoft has always been a staunch proponent of touch interfaces, and it looks like the next version of Windows, currently under the codename Windows 7, will bundle in multi-touch features like those found in the iPhone and Microsoft’s own Surface.


December 7, 2007

JustBlogIt with a simple right-click.

I have changed blog software a few times. And I have had a few reasons to reinstall everything, so it is years since I had a right click to blog app.

This one is great.

Tools make a difference, this will lead to more little posts like this one!

JustBlogIt is a Mozilla / Firefox extension to allow easy right-click posting to a weblog. From any website your new blog post is only a right-click away.

The Blogosphere

November 28, 2006

I have been blogging for a long time – does this count as one: 1997

But I have not used it as an interactive medium, comments never worked well & I have other fora for communication – however with my Thousand Sketches it is a bit different – I want to connect more and I am! My new blog gets 10 time the hits this one does! So that project is putting me more into the nitty gritty of the current Internet. Things to learn:

digg technorati bloglines & who knows whatelse.

I know & use these things but not to their full.

Today it is technorati. Technorati Profile

Lets see how I go!


Technorati tags:


October 10, 2006

In the last post I wrote about my Thousand Sketches project – and how it has its roots in many things I have done. One of those projects was “Psybernet” it predates my involvement with the Internet – it began on Fidonet. That project hit me with a bang just like the Thousand Sketches just has. It was the realisation that the online communication I was involved in (in CompuServe at that time) was intrinsically psychological. I was familiar with Psychodrama and knew – from experience – how groups could be an incubator for psychological transformation.

Cyberspace was full of groups! I wanted a group that was consciously exploring this online space in a psychological way and Psybernet was it. That original group began on the Psybernet BBS, then moved to L-soft mailing list, and then to eGroups which were bought out by Yahoo groups.

While my focus has been on the dramas that unfold in groups – I also found out a lot about the infrastructure of online groups. Some software was better than others, and there are many more mature forms now. Caucus is a web forum that is the best I have experienced for conversation online. There are plenty of good email lists, but some do not handle files or the web all that well. For the best of all worlds for online groups using the Web & email is OnlineGroups.Net. It is very good as a web based forum and excellent for email, groups can all be accessed either way, and they can cohere on a site to form a community.

All this is on my mind as I am thinking about Thousand Sketches because the first person I shared my Psybernet ideas with as they emerged in the early 1990s was Dan Randow the main developer of OnlineGroups.Net. He was in both IT and Psychodrama and he immediately saw the online group potential for very productive work. Dan went on to develop a career facilitating groups online for organisations, for a while I worked in the company he established, GroupSense.

The initial philosophy was to use available technology. eGroups were a mainstay for GroupSense, but that went sour when Yahoo! pruchased them. It became much harder to integrate the tech into a group’s life. People needed a Yahoo ID and the messages carried ads. Something new was needed.

That led to GroupServer an open source project which has well a developed implementation at OnlineGroups.Net

I have been using the sevice for may years and have felt at home there for professional & personal groups.

OnlineGroups.Net is now offering sites with groups to the public, this is a new development and I find it fascinating how those discussions over the years with Dan about creating forms to enhance group life has led to us making public our endeavours, though different, at the same time! In the case of Dan, excellent software for groups, and for me Thousand Sketches.

Of course I have an Announcement Group for Thousand Sketches at OnlineGroups.Net.

Pokaka – calendar the house at Mt. Lyford

August 8, 2006

I have embedded a Google calendar on our Pokaka site.  Trying it here in WordPress.  I’ll be amazed if the Gloogle Calender shows up here, but it does on the Pokaka website: Click the link on the bottom of the page to go to the Calendar page.

Later:  No, WordPress stripped it out, so it only works on webpages. But there it works very well! So have a look you may want to spend a night in our fantastic house in the hills!

Google Notebooks

August 2, 2006

I am enjoying this Google feature. Really nice way to manage all sorts of note taking, and linking to the web. Making them public seems ok, though my notes are mainly for me, bookmarks and tools for my writing etc. The public version does not show the lovely ajax enabled fluidity for managing these notes, showing & hiding them & moving them to different notebooks. Here are my public ones just set up today:

waltzzz’s notebooks

Honouring a Classic

June 24, 2006

A Beginner's Guide to Effective Email

This is a link to Kaitlin Duck Sherwood's classic and once rather useful guide. Effective Email is not a bad title.  It is, in hindsight an idealistic paper, honourable because of that but also impractical & frustrating.  There is an ideology about email embedded in the work that we now know will remain an ideal. In 2006 this 2000 document is dated.  It is dated not just because it is from the last century or because of new technology (it is somewhat technology neutral, but technology has surpassed these older ideas) but mainly because something completely new is needed

    * to relate to the reality of actual practice
    * to grapple with ineffective practices and fallacies  that have gained more popularity

For example there is a link to a page by Kaitlin Duck Sherwood on Email Overload. Which has a range of tips, some better than others but which is flawed in its attitude to the question.  Even in its title.

There is no such thing as email overload, any more than that there is a library overload, or an art gallery overload, information overload or a shortage of time, or difficult problems… you get the idea, own the challenge, be wise to the flow of stuff, no a victim in the world.

I am planning some posts here around Email Intelligence.  I want to find the central principles of wise email practices.

This is not a trivial thing, a good practitioner would be a back belt in communication, there would be personal fitness combined with a thorough tradition, and like judo would use the energy in the "enemy" as a source of strength, as a friend.  There may be a bigger topic here – the art of communication in the digital era.  I will however focus (slowly I'm afraid) on principles and practices related to email.  And in case you have not spotted, I am already indebted to David Allen's GTD tradition in my thinking here. They are good on email practice, and I also see limitations.

I recall some earlier posts on this theme.  I will create a new tag:  email-IQ and go back & tag some old posts.


May 14, 2006

Google Trends: Psychodrama:

New Zealand rates fith when if comes to Psychodrama.   Guess who comes first?

 Google trends is great fun! and mist bare sone profound! uses. like there & how ho promote services.


May 5, 2006

Mnemologistics (abbreviations)

I use a whole swag of abbreviations with Activewords.   This site may help me rationalize & add more.   I have my own system that bas evolved for years. First in Word’s “Autocorrect” then 9 med “Shortkeys”. By far  the best is ActiveWords .

Dust on My Shoes

April 20, 2006

Peter Pinney

My hero. As a teen I read every book, and he was the inspiration for me to "travel". He was the first hippy. In '66 I quit teaching & with no money followed his example… but I was no traveller. I stayed put once I crossed the Tasman. I was inspired by the utter simplicity of his life. Nothing. His posessions in a string bag.

I have in later years scanned many libraries here in New Zealand and in Australia for his books, to no avail. But he is back on the net:



Interview with his wife Estelle | A book by her

Dust on my Shoes A flash telling with music etc – I have seen nothing like it. Some background to the flash thing here

A few years ago I called an album of mine 'Dust On My Shoes', and that title came from a travel book published in ther early 1950s, by a bloke called Peter Pinney. He was an interesting character, writing travel books during the 1940s and 50s… he just had the most interesting, picturesque life," he says.

It was Mick's brother whose film and multimedia company applied for funding to create an online documentary about Pinney, as well as attempting to recreate his journeys.


April 19, 2006

Lots of tabs open of Firefox, this one, the origins of the current layout for this blog:  Kubrick at Binary Bonsai is here cause I’m looking for a way of making the font abit smaller. But I think I need to be off the hosted WordPress site to do that. This one because it was linked to from the Kubrick theme page. While on the subject of Kubrick, we saw “Eyes Wide Shut” the other day, a friend recommended it for its “Jungian” aspect. Makes sense, the two protagonists are exploring a similar synchronous path, one in RL and the other in dreams.

Stanley Kubrick

The Kubrick Site & IMDB  More Kubrick, and we did more too, got out Paths Of Glory, but did not really like it much. Got that from here: Movieshack – Library

Only on Tab one of about 25!  The next:  Abit of vanity:  Looking for the oldest entry with my name in it and found one from February 1994 and more vanity, embarrasing:  1998 Psybernet Web page

Later… never did get to blog the other tabs… nevermind.

Resubmitted here

April 15, 2006

Blog Flux

Blog Flux Directory

Seems a nice clean site

Chatango – what a great viral easy cheap useful little box!!

April 10, 2006


But it does not work on WordPress as yet

flickr & KTHT

April 8, 2006

Beach Ride March 06 – a photoset on Flickr

Made a set and a group of KTHT photos. I am enjoying how I can hang things together and use these services.

Plug for my ISP

April 8, 2006

Woosh Wireless

I like my Woosh!  Of course I’d like faster & cheaper, but this is great for me as I can use it on the laptop anywhere (where there is woosh) but what I really like is that I can also use it as a dialup when needed.  I feel good about avoiding Telecom, who I particularly dislike, though not as much as the Govt who sold it to them.


March 8, 2006

I am getting Virtual Memory problems. I wonder how my M200 is actually handling its 2 Gig? I tried Freemem Pro but is only recognizes 1 Gig I wonder how this app will work ?

FreeRam shows I have but one Gig!  Oh dear.

Will look into this more!

Using Delicious as a Homepage

March 7, 2006