iPad Art

Went to the apple store in San Francisco today and heard iPad artists talk about their medium.  I particularly liked the work of hgberk in flckr   There is also a show on in San Francisco I might try to get there next Tuesday.

Future/Canvas – the emerging medium of ipad art:

It has been just over a year since the release of the iPad and already it has inspired an exciting new world of digital art. Artists and programmers are using the iPad as a digital canvas and are creating radical new artwork that pushes the bounds of imagination. Future/Canvas showcases a variety of different artistic pursuits involving the iPad from interactive art to photography to painting. Taking place during the Apple World Wide Developer Conference, this is a must-stop destination for iPad enthusiasts who are interested in art. The original Future/Canvas was the first ever multiple-artist iPad art show held in December 2010 at The Box Factory in San Francisco. Our goals is to encourage the creation of iPad art by bringing together the diverse range of people necessary to create it in an environment that demonstrates the possibilities of the medium.

Flax – Video

Maybe the Gallery (flash) won’t work on the iPhone, but YouTube will! I have added the video to the Gallery as well.

To see all my videos, (not that many) go to this page on YouTube. I think this will work as an RSS feed for Google Reader There will be more, I want more in the Gallery.

I have forgotten when and where it was they died

Larger Image.

I have already posted this as part of the Earth Crosses series. It does not have an entry of its own, and I wanted one to have a name for this image, I just printed it out and I want to name it.

Title: War

That is accurate but it adds nothing.

The lines from Maori Battalion Veteran by Alistair Te Ariki Campbell say it better…

… I have nightmares.
Night and day I see pictures
of my closest mates falling
beside me in so many battles
I have forgotten when and where
it was they died

Title: “I have forgotten when and where
it was they died”


I think of my fathers story, he was in the five day war over Holland with Germany in August 1940. He saw his mates die.

I also think of the war reports I see every day of my life … death tolls, I forget how many.

Yet the image takes me to the here and now feeling of life & death within me, where war is a metaphor for the intensity of life.

These darkest moments of history produce stories that mirror intensity of the bodies struggle to survive, the daily cellular battle for air & water and the heart’s craving for love…

Title: The heart’s craving for love

the hearts battle for love


Later: Sunday, 6 July, 2008

This image is now featured in the Gallery