The following links are to articles, web pages, notes and emails I have written, and am writing. Some are on psychology, psychodrama, psychotherapy or art, others about the Internet, but together they are about the psyche online – the psyber world. Some items are mere fragments, and some are the product of the hardest writing work I have ever done. Feedback appreciated by email. Walter Logeman

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Psychotherapy Online

Intimacy and Online Psychotherapy

Therapeutic intimacy differs markedly from the experiences of intimacy in ordinary life, it is proscribed, contained and for a specific purpose. In a sense it is artificial yet genuine for all that. Can therapeutic intimacy happen in cyberspace?

Psychotherapy – Working Online – an Index Page Links to a lot of short items about psychotherapy online on my Psybernet website.

Psybernet Project

Psybernet, Psychology and Tele-computing An essay I wrote in January 1994.

Experience of Psybernet My involvement with Psybernet. 31 March, 1995. I have left this as I wrote it in 1995.

About my Psyberspace blog This blog, current.


Psychodrama, Psychology & the Psyche

Doubling, Spontaneity Creativity and Encounter  An article I wrote as part of the warm up to a workshop at the 2014 Psychodrama conference In Melbourne. Signifigantly updated Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Moreno’s Scientific Methodology. (pdf) A monograph exploring the place of scisnce in Moreno’s work and the place of his work in science. In draft form and the basis for a shorter article to be published in 2014.

The Imago Affair Jacob Moreno’s Interpersonal Therapy and Harville Hendrix’s Relationship Therapy Word

The Imago Affair Jacob Moreno’s Interpersonal Therapy and Harville Hendrix’s Relationship Therapy pdf

2009 Published in the 2009 ANZPA Psychodrama Journal.

Engaging the Muse, Reflections on Art and Creativity (pdf) 2008 Written for the ANZPA Psychodrama Journal after my year of doing a Thousand Sketches

Psychotherapy and Scientific Method pdf file. A paper about sociometry and musings about the future of knowing. Presentation at the NZAP conference, Queenstown, New Zealand, April 2005

Depth Psychology Carl G. Jung

Exploring the Self in C.G. Jung’s Aion A review by Walter Logeman that is published in The Round Table Review, May/June 1996

Specific Dream, Generic Insight Dr. J. L. Moreno

The Group and Its Protagonist Better formatted pdf The Relationship Between the Individual and the Group. A paper presented as partial fulfilment of the Board of Examiners of the Australian and New Zealand Psychodrama Association Incorporated requirement for certification as a Psychodramatist. March 1998.

Autonomous Psyche or Soul I am collecting snippets here on the autonomous nature of the psyche or soul.

Book Review- ANZPA Journal 2010 Group Supervision: A Guide to Creative Practice (2nd Edition) By Brigid Proctor


The Political Economy of Free Software Brief notes – began as a post to BS, May 2002

Cyberspace Marshall McLuhan Facilitating and Participating in Online Groups Form and Process in Online Psychological Groups Psyberspace

Addiction A few notes on Addiction to the Internet.

Psyberspace: Psychology + Cyberspace

Archetypes of Cyberspace — an Essay
Soon to be available on Kindle
<!– (pdf) HTML Began this in the late 1990s and got it to this stage by 2003.


Psyberspace -1 Psyberspace -2

Stuff that needs editing. Psyberspace is the title of a book I plan to write. It will take a while, its a big project. I am currently editing everything I have on this subject but am leaving this file here for the sake of posterity! Though it incorporated material written years before this is a relatively complete early draft.

Sex and the Internet. Notes for the Opening Windows Conference Christchurch October 1999

DreamEvent Dead link

Internet Archive link

Created 1995, moved around a bit.

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