Earth Crosses — Prints at Grater Goods coming up!

earth crosss postcard-vl1

A series of six prints on thick A2 cotton paper selected from

Gallery — Earth Crosses

The Earth Crosses images are a series that began as my Thousand Sketches project ended. The last image of the 1000 was #1000 Departing Force and it is part of this exhibition.

The images are a dialogue between the horizontal and the vertical. Opposites. All the images in the series are square. The vertical, perhaps the landscape, has as much space as the horizontal, perhaps the portrait aspect. Think dialectics, yin yang. I expect I’ll get to elaborate on the opening night. (Date TBA)

Therapeutic Village

Podcast — Audio

US inmate advocate Ann Jacobs on RNZ – talking about prisoners.  Note the post-prison care gap!

As I listen to this interview I was glad to have the proposal and petition for the Therapeutic Village online.   I’m determined it will happen!  Listen and notice how the Village idea fills the gap.

This is a link to the submission: The Therapeutic Village

There is also a petition on OurActionStation that will be delivered to the Government and again to the Inquiry at the end of November 2018

Please sign and spread the word.



Urban Rhythm

#0926 Urban Rhythm
Larger Image.

This is sketch number 0926 in my Thousand Sketches project (2006-7) I stumbled upon it today on my Bio Page and I liked it a lot, (often I don’t like work years later, though at the time my latest is always my favourite) It’s has that calligraphic touch, it name suits: Urban Rhythm. I now include it in the current calligraphic series.

It is for sale on Felt, its been in several small exhibitions.

image felt art for sale site

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Text for administrators

1/25 an a3+ I have it in one of the folders

August 1, 2010 (aprox) Sold on felt for $95 A3


Earth Cross II b

Earth Cross II b

This one has never had a proper post. It is in the Gallery and I have posted it with a border but I wanted to locate it and had trouble (the one with the border has a different name). So here it is, “Earth Cross II b” sketched on 17 December ’07

This is the one I used as a reference for an Acrylic, though it looks quite different. (posted below).

Earth Cross II – Acrylic on canvas – 600 x 600 mm

Reflections: Blog & Gallery

Presenting my work is more on my mind right now than making it. Not as much fun, but presentation floats to the top, unbidden. I am thinking about both the world and online. I’ll focus on the latter.

I have changed the name of this blog to “Walter Logeman: Art” with the subtitle In this moment… My art Blog” the reason is clarity. It is still the same blog, I am still “In this moment…” and it is still, as it says on the About Page:

Nothing but art, artists, art talk, art history, art philosophy, pictures and projects. Most of my work and work-in-progress is on this blog.

The clarity seems right because I am working on a Gallery. If you go there now (as I write this) you will see it is heavily under construction.

With the Gallery I can post exhibits, and show work that is complete. Series. Simple. More stable. I sometimes refine an image I have already blogged as I present them to other sites. I will focus on quality.

You can sub to the Gallery in RSS and watch progress and then see updates as they happen including my fumblings. Better still sub to this blog’s RSS, I will announce all Gallery news here as well.

The first things to be shown there will be my Earth Crosses, of course. Next FLAX.


I have these in mind to experiment with in the printing. These are about how I want them to look, but I will try different plain paper, wartercolour etc, and use “vivid” versions to compensate for the absobtion. I might also try over printing.

And these might end up in my landscape presentation of prints in the usual way.

Landscape Pond
Larger Image.

Landscape Pond
Larger Image.


Larger Image.

I have been doing a lot of this sort of quick sketching in my sketchbook, as in physical book. But I like to play with that background!

More of these then? So much to learn! The line is not quite following its desire.


Larger Image.

Now this one grew out of the last one. One thing leads to another. But the process is not done. I can see this leading to more “design” style images, I am getting the hang of it and using a few new functions I am learning in the software (like copying a layer and then moving it slightly etc)

But what do I do, work on the bush or play more with designs? So this is what happens… a myriad of scrappy projects that I love doing… To be honest I think I will get there. Sooner or later I’ll get a series done and they will a unified life.
Earth Crosses got there, though there is a printing job to finalise there.

Next post, more moves into different directions.

Pseudopanax arboreus

To continue from the previous post, here is one that is not in a new style, but it led to one that is, I’ll put that in the next post. (I like to see one image per post.) This one conforms to my Bush project, except it is not quite right, maybe another go?

This is a five finger, a fairly ubiquitous native. Even in the darkness of the bush those leaves can shine pure white reflecting the light. Little curly bits of white… ah, I need to give it another go.

Larger Image.

Here is quote from Wikipedia

Pseudopanax arboreus or Five Finger (Māori: ‘Puahou’ or ‘Whauwhaupaku’), is a New Zealand native tree belonging to the family Araliaceae. It is one of New Zealand’s more common native trees, being found widely in bush, scrub and gardens throughout both islands.


I am searching for my style. The Thousand Sketches was like a satellite view, a grand sweep of who I might be, a way of sorting land from sea.

I am searching by engaging in smaller projects. I can see where 5 years at university would come in handy though, this is hard work, time is only half of it. I have half a dozen scrappy projects on the go and need to wallow, play, explore, focus and get inspiration and tuition and critique on them all!

May be I need a better warm up. Yes I do.

How to engage the muse?

Maybe that is the title of the paper I am writing for the ANZPA Journal.

Maybe with that question in mind I might make sense of the following projects…

Where I am up to

Earth Crosses
in prints and also paint

A plan to produce a series of about 10 digital line & wash prints

Bush & plants
Like above, A plan to produce a series of about 10 digital somewhat abstract plant series
prints and have begun one in acrylic paint

I am aware I am drawn to the square format… the landscapes? Perhaps those prints need to be in three adjoining prints?

Presentation is on my mind, and I have just ordered 10 frames to work on a show of some sort.

Just as I want to focus on the above – and that is a lot of work! What happens: new styles emerge.

Let me post some in the posts ahead. Or would that be procrastinating?

Acrylic – Forgotten


I have completed my first painting in acrylics. There are pleny of
half finished or failed ones lying about but this one I’ll consider
done. It is the first of a series.

It is on gessoed canvas, unframed, the image is 600 x 600 mm
just under 24 inches square.

It has taken a while to get to this point. I have tried a few oils,
some and line & washes – but this one is the first result – that is
not digital.

Digital is clean & quick. Just how quick comes home when I need
to re-arrange the office into a studio. Paints, water, table floor
coverings, easle. Surfaces to prepare and techniques to try out.
And the waiting for things to dry. The cleaning up.

On Sunday (13 April) I was productive. I had about four Earth
Crosses in acrylic on the go. I also prepared some more canvas &
a board. Paintings come on and off the easel as I add something &
then wait for it to dry.

It is based on an earth cross from a few weeks back, see it here.

The photography is patchy but it gives the idea,


Larger Image.

Detail 2
Larger Image.


Here are some images I am working on for a project.


Earth Crosses

The Earth Crosses – a series I began as part of the Thousand Sketches and then added to since. I thought it completed in February 2008, but have done some since not in this selection.

The way up is the same as the way down. – Heraclitus

(May take a moment to load)

hcard and linking stuff

I am still mucking around with Microformats, Id do it on my Psyberspace blog but it is harder to fiddle there on (must change it over to my own server. some time)

Have added a hCard to the bottom of the sidebar in the main view.

Some software will show up what is there eg Operator, Firefox add-on.


It is not nothing to do with art. Here is a hCard for example for Andy Warhol. It is part of wanting to make maps of connections between paintings, art networks as net artworks. So I am exploring these Microformats and FOAF and JSON all things Google are getting into.


Making links between painting and so on is definitely art for me, and it is very psyber. I will be blogging and linking these discussions in the Psyberspace blog.

Andy Warhol
Born: August 6, 1928
Died: February 22, 1987

New York


I popped in a few casual doodles a few days ago. They appeal more now when I look at them after having had six days tramping. It is the time in the hills that confirmed the landscape project. Now I can see those few doodles as real transition pieces from one project to the next. Look at this one, I don’t think I posted it yet. Looks like a nice sort of bookend to me.

(Later: I had posted it but it did not show??)



Larger Image.

This reminds me of a story I heard that John Badcock, between series or projects does a self portrait as Christ, makes sense to me.

PS: John Badcock mentioned in Thousand Sketches here and here and here.


North Canterbury
Larger Image.

A new project. Landscapes. Unsure as ever but need to follow this. As in the Earth Crosses the starting point is Thousand Sketches. One or two are coming straight over as part of the new series, but mostly I am redoing old ones and making new ones. I want to find about a dozen I like.

Some new aspects I am noticing. The calligraphic lines, all of them in this series. while digital, will have this, I am pursuing this. The other new thing is that I will use these sketches to make oils. I will post them as I do them but on the whole I’d like to present a selected set of them, digital images and corresponding oils.

What I like is that via the blog the unity of the work is maintained. These images can “phone home”.

I wrote this to a friend who commented on my work:

“The whole cyberspace side of it is important to me, I think it will impact art more and more. The objects, even when one off and in paint etc, can have a ‘virtual life’ as well, they can forever be linked to the artists words and to other items in the project or series… books & letters did it occasionally, but it was complex, hit and miss. I think it is a significant step in this era. So I am glad you noticed that aspect of the work.”