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Dynamic Facilitation

October 21, 2008

Here is a Manual for Dynamic Facilitation.

Report on Online Dialogues!

Jim Rough’s book:



The online manual is pretty good!

The whole manual is through, informative and while all is familiar it looks as if they have found an ordinary simple structure that could well work! Here is an excerpt from the manual,



Most approaches that are designed to help groups address practical difficulties and challenges do not utilize emergent process. Instead, they tend to rely on structured agendas, pre-determined sequences of steps, and negotiated decisions. Dynamic Facilitation takes a different approach, inviting participants to remain within a creative process where group “aha’s” can occur.

There are other approaches to group facilitation that also follow the “emergent process” of a group, such as Bohmian Dialogue and T-groups. Facilitators practicing these processes also refrain from leading the group through any set series of “steps,” and from “managing consensus” in any way. However, these approaches have not been designed for the purpose of addressing practical issues, and quite understandably do not lend themselves well to that purpose.

In Bohmian Dialogue, the main purpose of the group is to develop a deeper understanding of the nature of the thinking process. In T-groups, the purpose is to develop interpersonal understanding. In contrast, the purpose of Dynamic Facilitation is to help people discover creative and practical approaches to challenging issues. This can include anything from “How do we design a better workplace?” to “How do we address the homeless problem in our community?”

In the process of arriving in a non-directive manner at new and creative solutions, people tend to also arrive at better interpersonal understandings, and they may even have some realizations about “the nature of thought.” But while these can emerge as “added benefits”, they are not our principal focus.

While markedly different in some respects, there are other ways in which Dynamic Facilitation is very similar to the practice of Transformative Mediation (Bush and Folger, 2004). Both of these approaches have very active interventions at the micro level, designed to support each participant’s contribution. And, at the macro level, they both refrain on principle from any effort to “manage” or negotiate convergence, choosing to “follow the process,” instead of directing it.

Dynamic Facilitation also bears some strong resemblances to Dialogue Mapping, a computer-assisted version of cognitive mapping (Conklin, 2005.)


Cameron Riley interviews Richard Moore

October 20, 2008

Just listened to Cameron Riley interview Richard Moore. Excellent podcast. A credible analysis of the geo-politics and a credible practical way forward – rare. I am now checking out “dynamic facilitation” dialogue. I love the way he speaks about doing dialogues as an experiment. Reminds me of Moreno’s sociometric experiments. These are not experiments ON people. This is people experimenting together, well that is what I make of it.

The state of the art for community dialogues has a way to go I think. I can see a sort of combination of Imago, NVC, Sociometry working to facilitate such a process. Couple and small group dialogues are hard enough, dialogues for social issues may be simpler. I like the way he proposes that a small group with diverse opinions, if they find a solution, it is likely it will be broadly accepted.

Hadron Experiment next week

September 7, 2008



This could be the most amazing probe into reality ever.

Pity if we were not there to see the results though.

In this interview with Kim Hill, Brian Cox assures me convincingly there is no need to worry & that the event next week is something important.

Click to play, right click to download

Socialist Aotearoa

August 20, 2008

Socialist Aotearoa

If you’ve changed your lightbulbs recently or decided to get yourself one of those reusable green bags from Foodtown then good on you, but you may want to consider that although New Zealand has one of the highest carbon footprints per person in the entire world, the vast majority of our greenhouse gases are created by massive companies like Fonterra, Comalco / Rio Tinto, Solid Energy and Genesis Energy who have more influence over the New Zealand climate protection policy than you can shake a lightbulb at. So should we be concerned that these mega-polluting giants are the ones who get to tell Helen Clarke, Kevin Rudd and the rest of us whats good for the climate? We certainly think so and would like to invite everyone else who agrees to join us this Wednesday for the final day of the conference.

A bit more than a “Holiday Update”

November 22, 2007

Miranda July, edgy, provocative, loving & full of integrity:

Holiday Update


for those of you who are american, you now have a holiday. there may be times during this holiday where you feel a) not as happy as you had planned on feeling, b) like ripping someone’s head off, or c) fat.

this is because it is a holiday celebrating genocide.

Paris Breakfasts

September 3, 2006

paris breakfasts:

There is great stuff in art blogs!


May 14, 2006

Google Trends: Psychodrama:

New Zealand rates fith when if comes to Psychodrama.   Guess who comes first?

 Google trends is great fun! and mist bare sone profound! uses. like there & how ho promote services.

The Peter Pinney philosopy of life

April 20, 2006

Dust On My Shoes

A letter by his daughter from the flash story.

Dust on My Shoes

April 20, 2006

Peter Pinney

My hero. As a teen I read every book, and he was the inspiration for me to "travel". He was the first hippy. In '66 I quit teaching & with no money followed his example… but I was no traveller. I stayed put once I crossed the Tasman. I was inspired by the utter simplicity of his life. Nothing. His posessions in a string bag.

I have in later years scanned many libraries here in New Zealand and in Australia for his books, to no avail. But he is back on the net:



Interview with his wife Estelle | A book by her

Dust on my Shoes A flash telling with music etc – I have seen nothing like it. Some background to the flash thing here

A few years ago I called an album of mine 'Dust On My Shoes', and that title came from a travel book published in ther early 1950s, by a bloke called Peter Pinney. He was an interesting character, writing travel books during the 1940s and 50s… he just had the most interesting, picturesque life," he says.

It was Mick's brother whose film and multimedia company applied for funding to create an online documentary about Pinney, as well as attempting to recreate his journeys.

More about V & Anarchy.

April 19, 2006


I don't have an attraction to anarchy but I do like the philosophy of anarchy to be presented accurately. This website is a good resource, and follows on well form the thinking out loud I have been doing here on the book & the movie. The image here contrasts with the end of the movie, where masses of masked people arise to challenge the state, not such a bad shift.

Anyway, an interesting way to do armchair politics.

Natalie Portman, V & the Moriori

April 10, 2006

Cinema Confidential News: 03/15/06

Good interview, there is so much to reflect on in this movie and portman does that: here is one example:

There was a book I read that we all ended up reading in the movie; “Cloud Atlas,” which was pretty formative to my ideas about violence because it has this story of the Moriori Tribe, which is this non-violent tribe in New Zealand. They thought that if you commit violence, your soul would become tainted and you would become outcasts in their society. When the Europeans came, they were violent and now the Morioris don’t exist.

I have just read the original Alan Moore & David Lloyd graphic novel V for Vendetta and seen the movie. I feel like writing a treatise on the difference between the two! I am OK with both but the differences were worthwhile, and make me respect the Wachowski Brothers all over again. The did it for me in Martrix and they lost it in II and III and have it back in V (ha). I can easily echo her closing remark:

I’m looking forward to talking to people who see this movie because it provokes strong reactions from someone, and different reactions, is so interesting; to see people’s different interpretations and reactions is so nice to hear.

Here is a backstory about Alan Moore & his distancing himself from the movie.

PS: I am following up on the Moriori!

From the streets of SF

March 25, 2003

People at the top say Shock and Awe!

People on the street say Stop this War!

Bush’s day of shame

March 20, 2003

I just received this from the Greens

Bush’s day of shame

Today’s onslaught on an impoverished country by the world’s biggest military superpower is a black day for humanity, Green Foreign Affairs spokesperson Keith Locke said today.

‘This is an unjust, illegal and immoral act of aggression,’ said Mr Locke. ‘There is no basis under international law for the invasion of Iraq and there is no UN mandate that grants any shred of legitimacy to this action.

‘The norms that govern international affairs have been fatally breached today and the authority that the United Nations has worked so hard to develop over the last 50 years has suffered a grievous setback.

‘Our thoughts are with the innocent men, women and children of Iraq. Having suffered a decade of unfair sanctions they are now bearing the brunt of a massive assault on their cities and towns.

‘We must continue to do everything to stop this war. Our government should move to call the UN General Assembly into urgent session, as it can do under the provisions of Resolution 377.

‘Green MPs will be participating in protest actions which will take place across the country,’ Keith Locke said. ‘I will be at the emergency protest to take place at Wellington’s Cenotaph at 5pm tonight.

‘We must challenge this unilateral use of brute force in international relations. It is such an affront to humanity, when there was so clearly another way of dealing with the Iraq crisis. The inspections were making progress and the United Nations engaged.

‘Unfortunately, the ramifications of this invasion will reverberate through the region and through the world for some time come.’


You have received this because your contact details are on the Green Party mailing list as interested in Defence, Foreign Affairs, or Peace.

To unsubscribe, reply to this email address with “Remove” in the subject line.

Greens in NZ have had a very strong and clear position on this war all the way through. I hope they can maintain it as Labour has such trouble, constantly wavering on the edge. Worse than that actually having a ship in the Gulf and probably counted as one of the unamed of the 35 countries the Americans keep mentioning, because we support them trhrough having their military bases in this country. Get them out of here!

Lake Pedder – Tasmania Australia

June 18, 2002

Lake Pedder – Tasmania Australia

I found myself grieving this lake today. I walked and camped on its shores in the 60s before it was flooded. This came up as I feared the loss of the Net to greed. I am actually an optimist with regard to the Net. It is a Net and so it is hard to knock holes in it, and new webs are woven all the time. Still, there is already a great loss of the ethos that I found here in the early 90s, where anything commercial was unacceptable, including my own Psychotherapy Online. I held that back for a while as a result of that ethos. If I could go back to 1972 I would lie in front of the tractors. I doubt this damage can be undone.


September 30, 2000

Character Glossary (Updated link the old one below does not work – Monday, 26 June, 2006 )

Classical Mythology Online – Character Glossary

Asclepius [as-klee'pi-us] (Aesculapius) or Asklepios, "cut up," or "turn round and round"(?)
The son of Apollo and Coronis, he was god of medicine and healing, but was raised by the centaur Chiron, who taught him medicine (Pindar, Pythian Odes 3.5-7). He could restore the dead to life, for which offense Zeus killed him with a thunderbolt (Pindar, Pythian Odes 3.54-58; Euripides, Alcestis 3-6; Apollodorus 3.10.4; Hyginus, Fabulae 49; Diodorus Siculus 4.71.2-3). The most famous temple of Asclepius was at Epidaurus. His children included Machaon, Podalirius (Diodorus Siculus 4.71.4), Hygeia (Health), and Panacea (Cure-all). Family Tree 21.

The original Psychodrama stage? This site is great – the family tree thing is very useful.