Word processing on the iPad

I find the actual typing ok, and it can be even better with the bluetooth keyboard. The problems lie elswhere.


Apple’s word processor


It works.
I can use styles that convert to Word.


No Dropbox or other way to use the file in two places. The ones offered are not ones I want to use, like iWork etc. get terrible reviews. iTunes is clumsy. Maybe it will be the #1 way access the file from any device when iCloud arrives. Just a few hours before we hear!

Documents to Go


I can see the files I have stored in there on Dropbox. Sharing works well.


Looses style formatting in Word format. Makes it unworkable for the work I do.

2 Replies to “Word processing on the iPad”

  1. I email my Pages documents from my iPad to my laptop. It works fine and isn’t really a hassle. I use Pages on my MacBook also, which of course helps.


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