When to use a pdf.

PDFs should be used and only used when the following apply:


1. The document will be printed.
For example the document will be used for several people to sign at a meeting or this document is created to go into a paper system.


2. The document is likely to be saved for reference on a computer.
For example, in addition to being accessed on the web or by email and the user will be likely to store the document. A signed contract.


3. The document’s integrity is important.
For example that it has been designed for its look and feel and this needs to be consistent throughout its use. Or if it is important the document can’t easily be changed. A Journal article.

Use a pdf on other occasions.

Forms are better in a Word file so people can edit them and return them or the form can be online in html. Information that is primarily on the web should be in html. In cases where use is mixed provide both a pdf and other formats. For ebooks consider providing epub, mobi, Kindle, Nook or plain text versions.

Later Consider Apple Author versions

Diaspora (Social Network)

I like the look of this open source distributed social network, getting out of the proprietary systems seems like worth doing, distributing them seems like a great idea. I have invited myself and it looks like it could go public soon.



more info & links follow.

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Google (custom domain) Calendar on iPad

It has always worked so well on the iPhone I’ve forgotten how I did it.

For some reason my Gmail (custom domain) works instantly in the iPad, I’ve forgotten how I did that already!

But I am now setting up the Google (Custom Domain, apps docs, whatever they call it!! – How about Google Live? Google Cloud? Google Everywhere? To hard to name: Gapps?)

Short answer, worked instantly:

How to Add Google Calendar to Your iPad

Maybe this that I had already tried


had a part to play.

Anyway it works

The MS Exchange way did not, however I had to get my Contacts working using MS exchange.

GroupWise on iPad

Apparently there is this app for mail and they make another one for docs.

GW Mail for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store:

Description GW Mail is a GroupWise email client for the iPhone. With this app you get a much better interface than Novell delivers by default through GroupWise WebAccess. This app gives you some of the enterprise features that you wouldn’t get with simple POP/IMAP – like access to your Frequent Contacts and GroupWise address book.

Simple & minimal

My car was stolen yesterday (Subaru Legacy wagon PM7910 in case you are in Christchurch, if you see it call the police). For all the pain there is a sense of freedom too. I might not get another car! Walk, bike and borrow (I don’t intend complete abstinence!).

Strangely, the feeling is similar to having just installed Readability in Firefox. What beautiful clean pages. I love reading on my PC. Maybe I don’t need an iPad after all. I put my laptop on my chest in bed today and read using the Readability, Kindle and Comical. There is something in my astrology pulling towards the simple & minimal.

I have been impressed by Roger Ebert’s item on “frisson”, a delightful and sensible contribution to the trollish “Google makes you stupid” discussions. Google makes us smart! Individually and as a species. What if Gregor Mendel talked to Charles Darwin? Ebert discusses his own experience of finding it hard to sit and read a whole book as in the old days. I know that experience! He has a plan to read again. Re-train the mind. Makes sense to me.

The planets continue to conspire. I read: Alain de Botton, On Distraction, Our minds need to go on a diet. I like it.

I’ve never been impressed by the idea of “Internet free days” or “email free days” as I am strong on using filters and readers to manage information, there is no overload. It takes a bit of work but the Net comes to me quite intelligently. It knows what I want. Not just email filters, search, an RSS reader but socially mediated information via mailing lists and twitter create a stream that tunes into me, like a very good friend.

The Alain de Botton item puts it in perspective. Fasting. A meditative approach. I could do that with food and with information! Far from being anti-food or anti-Internet I can see how fasting can enhance experience, sharpen my senses & taste.

I won’t make any resolutions though. Lets see what the planets have in store.


More about Readability – an item by Rich Ziade



I am looking forward to the Apple Tablet. The main thing I’d want to be able to do is to use it instead of my Toshiba M200 for sketching. I did a Thousand Sketches 2006-7 on the Toshiba M200 which has a Wacom style pen only touch screen. Worked well for me. It is pressure sensitive, and highly responsive. So I hope the Tablet will have something like a pen or better.

A long iWishlist follows.

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Rss Cloud WordPress Plugin

I have added the RSS Cloud plugin for WordPress to this blog.

I know it means real time updates on for anyone who gets the RSS feed in an RSS Cloud enabled aggregator like River2 …

This will mean … what in practice?

Are WordPress blogs also able to instantly see the updates from this in the sidebar? I’ll check in my art blog.

A Few Minutes Later

My Art blog does let a feed from here, but this post did not show up istantly, but then it is not a WordPress.com blog, nor does it have the plugin.

iPhone can, PC can’t

There are some things that my iPhone does that my PC does not do. It probably can be set up to do them, but I can’t. It is interesting how I miss them when I work on the PC. Here are two, I know I have others, I’ll add them when they occur to me. (of course there are features I prefer on the PC, this is being written on a PC!!) Anyone else notice moments where you reach for an iPhone feature & its not there on the computer?

Double tap to zoom on a column.
I can’t do that in Firefox. Is there a way? It is really a nice feature. Makes up for not having Adblock plus.

Two spaces = period and a space, and a cap on the next letter.
I did not think I’d like that, but I do!

On the evolution of science.

I have just listened to a spectacular podcast. From 2006 – I missed it till I changed my system of managing podcasts – giving in to the iTunes default way.

Kevin Kelly – The Next 100 Years of Science: Long-term Trends in the Scientific Method.

Download: iTunesDirect download

The textual summary is here:


I continue to discuss the podcast and relate themes to my own writing.

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This Blog Works on the iPhone again

I had a plugin that rendered this blog blank on the iphone. Switched to

WordPress PDA & iPhone 1.2.8

This plugin helps the users to view your blog in a pda and iPhone browser. By Imthiaz Rafiq.

& it works well.

The iPhone works OK with the WordPress default theme – no plugin – as well, but with this is marginally more usable.


Not so fast! The link directly to a post on Twitter leads to a poor rendition. You have to go directly to https://psyberspace.walterlogeman.com for the plugin to take effect!

There must be a better way!

iPhone Copy & Paste

If this is true it will make a big difference to my use of the phone.

  • Posting to blogs from iPhone
  • tweeting
  • Writing notes on tasks
  • Entering passwords, email address etc
  • I managed without, but only because many things work so well.
    From: forums.macrumors.com

Last night I attended the Live Diggnation event in Austin, Texas at SXSW, where Kevin Rose confirmed through his sources that iPhone 3.0 would have Copy and Paste.

He said it worked like this… you would press and hold a word and a Magnifier type bubble would appear with quotes around the word. Move the quotes around what you want selected and then you can press Copy.

Interrupting the flow to make it flow

Don has just posted about coaching. He describes a process called chunking.


This level being about easy flow it is strange to break the flow into bits (chunks) which logically interrupts the flow. How it works doesn’t matter. It certainly does.


Mao: “Loose Yunnan to save Yunnan”

It applies to the coaching I do in relationship psychotherapy. I teach word-for-word mirroring, that breaks the flow of speaking initially, but it speeds up the flow of meaning.

It applies to getting GTD working as well, chunks!

How would it be coaching someone to be a Cybernaught? Some steps follow.

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Mechanical keyboards will die!


I do not like the look of the new Android G1. I find the slide out keyboard ugly! Maybe it is the anachronism. The keyboard caters to the fear of the new.

I never wanted those keys on my Treo. I could use graffiti on the Palm. If only Palm had followed through with the Lifedrive, made a phone.

iPhone transforms everything with a virtual keyboard, and yet the newer Android reverts to the older way. I think that is why the gadget looks so clumsy ro me.

Yes there is something to learn with a virtual keyboard. It is worth it, it is easy, here is the secret.

The iPhone screen based way is the way of the future I have no doubt! I can imagine the track pad expanding on the Macs to include a virtual keyboard. I know there is no tactile feedback, but maybe even that can be created virtualy, perhaps a tiny vibration. Certainly audio feedback can developed.

Having used the iPhone keyboard I see the great potential of simply improving the software that drives it to the point where it learns more. The software can interpret my intentions hard keys can’t do that. I am faster on my big keyboard no doubt, but I miss some of the functionality of the auto correct on the phone.

Typing on the iPhone – here is the secret!

I have tried a couple of different apps for writing on the iPhone.

The best is the native keyboard!

Here is the secret you need to make it work. Maybe this is in the manual, or obvious to some, but for me it was a revelation when I hit on it about a month after getting the phone.

The secret is:

  • Use your thumbs.
  • Look at the keys, not the screen (cover it up!).
  • Type like mad, don’t worry about hitting the right keys.

You will be delighted with the results when you look, even if there are a few errors.

  • Correct later, use index finger if you will.

One more little tip: Slide (not tap) to add punctuation, that takes you automatically back to the ABC screen.

Shifting stuff around


Posted via Pixelpipe.

Later: Ooops I did not know that is what I had just done, posted an image from my iPhone to the blog. Something worked, but not the way I wanted it to. I was hoping I had sent something to the Images folder, but that is not what happened, this links to Pixelpipe. Never mind.