Walter Logeman

Me Christmas 2005

I am a psychotherapist in Christchurch New Zealand and have an online practice at

I have a background in Psychodrama, Jung and dreamwork. I believe the psyche is a hidden dimension where healing and joy can be found. Like nature, psyche has awesome powers and sometimes has no mercy, it is to be respected.

I also have another site – all about my sketching project:


3 Responses to “Walter Logeman”

  1. Martin Blythe Says:

    Hi, I was wandering around your blog, checking bits out… As a New Zealander myself (although resident in Los Angeles), I was curious. Christchurch, eh? I thought you might find some of my own website of interest, including the first (Adam and Eve) chapter, especially the Nabokov/Lolita part, the Lady Godiva story (since I cite Bettelheim, whom I like actually, and the Anais Nin chapter since I explore her supposed incest. Then again, you may think it’s all terrible – hardly anybody cares about literature these days. Are you NZ born? Yours cheekily, Martin

  2. Corinne Davies Says:

    Hi there, wasn’t sure how to contact you so I’m using the comments 🙂

    We have just started an exciting project: setting up a new Kiwi blog directory, called Kiwiology.

    The aim of Kiwiology is to collect and promote New Zealand blogs, blogs by Kiwis, about Kiwis and about New Zealand.

    Why? Because Kiwis are awesome!

    We are really excited to have your blog as part of Kiwiology, and if you visit the site you will find your blog already listed.

    Hopefully though, you might have 2 minutes to check:
    1. That you like your listing and it reflects the content of your blog in a way that you are happy with,
    2. That your blog URL and feed URLs are current,
    3. That we have listed your blog in an appropriate category.

    We’d love to get the low down on what you think about Kiwiology and look forward to your suggestions.

    Drop us a line if you’d like to make changes to the way your blog is listed!

    Corinne Davies

    Kiwiology – the New Zealand Blogosphere

  3. In this moment… » Blog Archive » As I am, is mad enough Says:

    […] Psyberspace Bio […]

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