I want to be pure in the traditions I honour.  I become something of a true believer.  I want to prove I’m on the path with quotes.  I use the method. I hold the line. I’m in the tradition. And I am moving on. Combining. Beleiving that I bring something new. Then there is uncertainty. Or is it openness. The new is unpolished.  Can I question without anxiety. In the social sciences is there a place for the emergent, the playful.  Even then I think I’m in the tradition.

Doubling is an experience.


In my art I’m at heart an abstract expressionist.  It is dated. But it is also alive.  Franz Kline

Untitled 1951 2 By Franz Kline Replica Paintings on Canvas - Reproduction Gallery

I love that


one of mine…



I think I’m in the tradition… but also utterly in my own being with it.


As I develop my psychodrama work how much do I bring and how much is it from the source?

100% from the source — 100% me.


The source does not define me.


Am I eclectic?

In my psychotherapy?  No.  I’m a psychodramatist – and within that I can do anything.  I can incorporate anything.


However it is not anything plus action.

It is psychodrama principles psychodrama principles psychodrama principles plus details.


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