Shane Birkel interviews Laura Heck – Gottman approach

I’m listening to Shane Birkel interview Laura Heck.

017: Using Gottman Interventions to Enhance Intimacy with Laura Heck

[You can listen to all Shane’s podcasts on your phone if you have a podcast  app.  Search forThe Couple Therapists Couch.  I use Pocket Casts.]

Laura’s own podcast

I wanted to jot down some bullet points so thought – blog, why not.


More good, less bad.


Three areas of couple therapy work

•  Increase intimacy
•  Manage conflict
•  Deeper meaning in your relationship


Five Facets of intimacy

•  Physical – holding hands – doing
•  Sexual
•  Emotional
•  Intellectual
•  Spiritual

Dance within Conflict

See a Gottman blog post about this.

A good post!


In PCT one of the principles is to have the couple interact with each other so that these dreams emerge. The therapist can help them along!

The principle is not so different from the goals to outcome discussion in a previous post.


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