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Email on iPhone Question

September 23, 2008

I have my own email server and use pop3 from that in Thunderbird on the PC. I have used Gmail to backup all my email on the web. I have not used the Gmail account other than that until now.

I have synced my Gmail with the iPhone. That works well. I can do things on the iPhone and they are also done on the Web.


I would also like to have Thunderbird, managed in the same way synced in with the Gmail. I need an offline mirror of my email as I have poor web access at times.


Obviously IMAP or something is needed, that is available through my web host.

Just what is involved there? Any recommendations?

Later: Monday, 29 September, 2008

I have used DreamHost to move my email ovewr to Gmail Imap. I access it through Thunderbird. on the PC, all seems to work OK. Filtering like mad to get just what I want in the inbox, working pretty well! There are still some confusing folders but I’ll get there I think.



September 21, 2008

This blog is not called Psyberspace for nothing. I have all sorts of phases of enthusiasm, and they wax and wane, but “exploring the psyche in cyberspace” is always present. My sense if that the iPhone has enabled a shift in the “space”. The Palm initially untethered me from the PC, but the iPhone makes good where Palm lost the plot. I have had my phone for a few days but feel very liberated… esp in the reading dept. I am writing this on the PC, I can’t do it on a phone, but reading is another story, it is great, and I do it in bed, in cafes, waiting in lines.

The net is adapting to the phone in a way that is quite remarkeable, surfing on the palm was almost impossible, and very wew sites optimised for Palms. But with this new gadget it is different! Cyberspace is making a shift, perhaps not quite everting, but moving from the mud onto land.

I find myself reading the following all optimised for the iPhone in some way, I will post more specific reading reviews, partly to get more familiar with the various, sometimes complex processes to get stuff on the phone.

  • Books
  • Blogs in a feed reader
  • iWPhoned WordPress blogs
  • Wikipedia via an app
  • Amazon, optimised automatically, good for reading reviews.
  • Web Pages optimised through Instapaper

All in all it is pretty good! I could add Twitter & Facebook, though that is not really reading, but they work well!

PS Imagemaking is also liberated with a touch screen, I will write that up in an iSketch category on my Art Blog.

Hadron Experiment next week

September 7, 2008



This could be the most amazing probe into reality ever.

Pity if we were not there to see the results though.

In this interview with Kim Hill, Brian Cox assures me convincingly there is no need to worry & that the event next week is something important.

Click to play, right click to download