I have heard that traditionally the square format is meant to be hard to compose. Maybe. I am working on my new Gallery, and for some reason I want all images to be square. Not just in the Gallery, I think it began with the prints. I wonder how long this itch will take to scratch?

The Gallery has images from Thousand Sketches and also new ones. Wherever they have been shown before, in whatever format, now they are also square.

What do you think?

2 Replies to “Square”

  1. Upon seeing the 2 pieces next to each I prefer the horizontal rectangular one, it complements the open space.
    The square format is popular for iconic and focal work. Here I feel the landscape lost some of it’s flow, expansion and serenity.
    Best to you Walter!


  2. Thanks for that. What you say makes sense about the times when square might work well. Perhaps it is the “iconic and focal” that appeals to me, and the format provides some of that. Landscapes need landscape!

    I put quite a few landscapes into my Gallery in the selecting there were plenty of images that just looked wrong square, but I felt ok about the ones I “squared”. (Now I’m not sure!)


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