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February 5, 2008

XFN 1.1 profile

Create: Here

Kate Tapley

Now will Operator see this?


Hmmm, makes little sense to me yet as the embedded rel=”spouse” does not show anywhere.

I have also Used XFN as built into WordPress for Kate’s Horse Trek Blog in the Blogroll, again I can’t see how it shows anywhere.

Where is this heading?



February 2, 2008

Here is my hCard – that is my address details in a Microformat created here. If you have the Operator add-on for Firefox it will give you options of things you can do with this, such as import it into your contacts.

Why am looking into this?

I’d like to make an Art Net using microformats …. ask me more if you are interested.

Walter Logeman


PO BOX 13 543


New Zealand

+643 377 1206

This hCard created with the hCard creator.