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Fear of Images

November 30, 2007

Larger Image.

This essay The Image Culture, by Christine Rosen covers the history of opposition to images from today to biblical times:

They have, by their sheer number and ease of replication, become less magical and less shocking—a situation unknown until fairly recently in human history. Until the development of mass reproduction, images carried more power and evoked more fear. The second of the Ten Commandments listed in Exodus 20 warns against idolizing, or even making, graven images: “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.”

The essay is has a snippet from most commentators on the image, it is a resource. It is a full on part of the anti image culture for all that, and it is interesting how this philosophy comes part and parcel with conservative and Christian politics.

The net has fairly recently become more image centric. Youtube & flickr are evidence of the ubiquity of digital image making hardware and of the broadband to make use of it. But there is another wave that is possible. Built into Vista and no doubt every OS in the future is the ability to use a touch screen. Strangely photography took longer to develop than simple drawing & painting, on the net it looks as if sketching will come later than text and photos. It will come. The slate was an early educational tool (my parents used slates at school, paper was too expensive) the digital slate is a natural as kids learn to read & write online in a digital world. They will draw!

Ubiquity of the hand hewn digitally born image is a possibility, that it lags is possibly due to the fear of the image and dominance of the word.

Mcluhan probably had all this in mind, that in the electronic era, there would be a demise of the word. However we know now that nothing is ever replaced or lost, rather it transforms. Her final point that because we have more images we will have less meaning & not be able to transmit culture is just nonsense.


Sub to this Psyberspace blog by email!

November 30, 2007

Subscribe to Psyberspace by Email

I have just learned how to set this up. Bit late, would be good to have had that on the Thousand Sketches However the flow of art & ideas about psyberspace have now come together here, and there is another project brewing!

OnlineGroups.Net BLOG!!

November 30, 2007

Ah, Look what I found: OnlineGroups.Net Blog!

Go for it – it looks great in my Google reader. I know that in that team lies the key to effective collaboration on the net. I hope your blog harnesses new & creative blood into the project!


November 28, 2007

Larger Image.

A bit more than a “Holiday Update”

November 22, 2007

Miranda July, edgy, provocative, loving & full of integrity:

Holiday Update


for those of you who are american, you now have a holiday. there may be times during this holiday where you feel a) not as happy as you had planned on feeling, b) like ripping someone’s head off, or c) fat.

this is because it is a holiday celebrating genocide.

The future is not what it used to be

November 22, 2007

I am (still) reading Walter Benjamin’s Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction I enjoy the quote that opens it by Paul Valerey. Sounds like Mcluhan, but he is talking (Benjamin too) about shifts due to mechanical development – reproduction, now this needs updating with an essay about art in the age of electronic production.

More Paul Valery quotes follow, including the bit I have paraphrased above from the Benjamin essay.



November 21, 2007

Post 2/2 (this follows from the previous post)

Wayne Thibaud in a recent rather interesting talk spoke about the magic of having a flat sheet of paper and being able to create the sense of space on that sheet. In other words use 2D to create 3D effect.

In a book I just finished about Australian art, it mentions somewhere that the great break through that the moderns made last century was to realise that canvases were flat, and no illusions of depth were needed.

Contrasting values here, but to my mind not contradictory. Postmodern we have the choice. It is ok to be flat, ok to be fake, it is all ok.

So here, now looking accidentally like a Wayne Thibaud food picture is the sketch I made in the last post, with depth added. Note however that it is the depth of the world that I fake here. I am not using the computer to fake the depth of the paint.

To my mind, if there is anything aesthetic at all about any of these doodles, it is that flat (the last one in the last post) one with no light & no fake anything that has the most appeal, whatever that is.

Light on, light off?

November 20, 2007

I have used Corel Paint, Photoshop, Deep Paint and may other programs but the most innovative and surprising is ArtRage 2. Just updated it today with an update and learnt about a new feature, or perhaps it was always there? I wish I knew about it when I was doing my Thousand Sketches . F5 turns the light on or off. I am not really blogging a feature. It is the concept behind the feature that interests me.

Have a look at this one from here :


#310 Salvaged
Click for larger image.

This was done in Deep Paint, one of the best to achieve that 3d effect. That is what “Light on” does it creates a computer generated effect lighting up the brush strokes as if they had thickness.

Sometimes that is fun, but is it fake!

I think the use of 2D is just fine. It is 2D. Light of for authenticity.

Here is a quick go with light on and off, spot the difference?

More thoughts on space & 3d coming up.

Natural Light

November 18, 2007

Natural Light

I am still at it, not a project, no numbers, not a sketch blog thing, just a mood I was in and wanting to see this contrast, this line of light.

Google, owner of the means of promotion

November 17, 2007

I have had a major re-install and have moved from FeedDemon to Google Reader. Seems fine. It takes a while to set it all up, though I did import my old OPML file.  I am also keeping a backup of my Google reader installation, I am sick of re-doing everything as I reinstall the OS.

Here is a link to my Starred & Shared items. Anything I particularly like or just may want to return to or share. So far there are just a couple of concluding posts from Thousand Sketches.

The challenge is to narrow it down so I get less but more relevant posts.


What goes into my brain is as important as what goes into my mouth. In both cases people are spending money to get their stuff in. It cost millions to market a movie, we can make them, and distribute them but to promote them you need millions. They use their power influence my prefrences. Filtering my reading myself seems very important, but I doubt I am getting what I really want, which is more socially filtered versions of the world.

Ironically to fine tune my view of the world I am using a Google product, and thedy are the ultimate owner of the means of promotion.


November 17, 2007

That last post is something I have been thinking about for ten years. Here is the proof, a proposal I made for a cybernetic conference in 1997, on the theme of Neccessity & Metaphor

Here is the relevant bit:

Possible theme of a paper could be the — Necessity and Metaphor. Contrary to popular belief ‘we can not think what we like’, words and metaphors have a power of their own. I would draw on the ideas of Jung and Hillman and relate it to metaphors of cyberspace. An example I am pondering at the moment is the word ‘depth’ — is the medium conducive to depth, or only breadth, and height?

So when I listen to Collings (see previous post) these old ideas are stirred. Perhaps proving that cyberspace doeas have depth, especially when old ideas can surface.

Matthew Collings, deep and shallow

November 16, 2007

I listened to a podcast today for the second time – Kim Hill interviewing Matthew Collings. I realised I had blogged it before in Thousand Sketches, and there is a link there too – I recommend it.

If this is an age of shallowness then it is sort of deep to be shallow. Kim: “Shallow is the new deep”.

I don’t buy that though. It is an age where we are more conscious than ever and we flee. There are oceans of depth and we flee to the shallow. But not everyone. The “long tail” comes into play. At the top of the zeitgeist it may be shallow, ironical & tabloid, but down the tail it gets more interesting, there are activists, thinkers, and people having real relationships.

Anyway, it was a good listen even for the second time, happened cause I was cleaning up after re-installing a backup.

1000 sketches completed!

November 11, 2007

I have just posted up the last sketch in my project:


Thousand Sketches

It is satisfying to complete something so big, it has been big in my life and it is part of this larger journey of exploring psyberspace.

With my habit of regular blogging established, I think there will be more posts here. There is a lot that the theme here can cover, everything to do with the psyche as well as everything with Cyberspace.

Art, digital, the physical & their relationship is something that I have explored experientially for a year. It is a good foundation to build on.

I will be setting up creativity coaching in addition to my online psychotherapy. Psychotherapy and Creativity Coaching Online. I will be writing about the role so f the artist and creativity, this blog will be the base!

And I am wondering it I will keep the more personal stuff here including “sketchblog” stuff? Who knows.