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My other website & blog -Thousand Sketches

September 20, 2006

ThousandSketches: Gum

Digital sketch by Walter Logeman Australian Gumtree paint texture

I’m doing a thousand in a year.

It is – I have realised – a Psybernet project – I am exploring the psyche in cyberspace – in images.

The year & the 1000 create a crucible for the incredible achemical process I am in with this. 


Great podcasts – Friendship

September 8, 2006

BBC – Radio 4 In Our Time – Philosophy Archive

This is a treasure page. I have to be in the mood for this rather heavy stuff, but they are worth the effort. I have subbed to them and have a back log on my player. Unfortunately they are only streaming them there at the moment – Total Recorder would get them though. I particularly enjoyed the history of friendhip one today.


It seems that with Imago we have a philosophy and a practice of love, built on all the traditions before it, and still those old traditions, even on friendhip, can amplify our notions of love.

Paris Breakfasts

September 3, 2006

paris breakfasts:

There is great stuff in art blogs!

I am obsessed with sketches

September 3, 2006

haden4cows.jpg (JPEG Image, 942×650 pixels):

This is one image from 100’s I have been delighted to peruse in the “Philadelpia Printshop”