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Professional identity

June 30, 2006

My third psyberspace podcast

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Psychotherapy & Counselling – the difference – registration of Psychotherapy as a profession in New Zealand

There is no simple way of saying that someone is doing a psychotherapy in the way we could say they have done an analysis. Psychotherapy as a project!
I also ask the question of how all this might apply or not to psychotherapy online.


Honouring a Classic

June 24, 2006

A Beginner's Guide to Effective Email

This is a link to Kaitlin Duck Sherwood's classic and once rather useful guide. Effective Email is not a bad title.  It is, in hindsight an idealistic paper, honourable because of that but also impractical & frustrating.  There is an ideology about email embedded in the work that we now know will remain an ideal. In 2006 this 2000 document is dated.  It is dated not just because it is from the last century or because of new technology (it is somewhat technology neutral, but technology has surpassed these older ideas) but mainly because something completely new is needed

    * to relate to the reality of actual practice
    * to grapple with ineffective practices and fallacies  that have gained more popularity

For example there is a link to a page by Kaitlin Duck Sherwood on Email Overload. Which has a range of tips, some better than others but which is flawed in its attitude to the question.  Even in its title.

There is no such thing as email overload, any more than that there is a library overload, or an art gallery overload, information overload or a shortage of time, or difficult problems… you get the idea, own the challenge, be wise to the flow of stuff, no a victim in the world.

I am planning some posts here around Email Intelligence.  I want to find the central principles of wise email practices.

This is not a trivial thing, a good practitioner would be a back belt in communication, there would be personal fitness combined with a thorough tradition, and like judo would use the energy in the "enemy" as a source of strength, as a friend.  There may be a bigger topic here – the art of communication in the digital era.  I will however focus (slowly I'm afraid) on principles and practices related to email.  And in case you have not spotted, I am already indebted to David Allen's GTD tradition in my thinking here. They are good on email practice, and I also see limitations.

I recall some earlier posts on this theme.  I will create a new tag:  email-IQ and go back & tag some old posts.

The inventor of the web speaks out to protect his creation!

June 23, 2006

timbl’s blog | Decentralized Information Group (DIG) Breadcrumbs:

When I invented the Web, I didn’t have to ask anyone’s permission. Now, hundreds of millions of people are using it freely. I am worried that that is going end in the USA.

He puts it really well, he can see that there is a fundamental human right about neutrality of access.

A third wave of Jungian thought?

June 21, 2006

A Review of “Dialectics and Analytical Psychology: The El Capitan Canyon Seminar” – CG Jung Page:

Miller insists that Giegerich’s thought is not a negation of what Hillman’s archetypal theorizing had accomplished, “but rather a call to continue it radically in an attempt to complete it in its and Jung’s own spirit, an anima-psychology sublated by an animus-psychology.” Giegerich does not deny that the soul is image, Miller writes, but insists that “The soul always thinks.”

Defence against pain

June 18, 2006

Here is another Audio (9.56 min):

Audio Blog post – at Odeo

Thanks Dan for your response.

Maybe my reticence is not for professional reasons … a defence – See Freud's list here on Wikipedia

What are defenses about & for?

What about James Hillman's Acorn Theory

Whatever I am defended about there is also a need to find a way through some genuine difficulties.

Also mentioned:

Sukie Colegrave – By Way of Pain

Sukie Colegrave – Uniting Heaven & Earth


Sub to Psyberspace, the Podcast:

My Odeo Podcast


June 17, 2006

A bit of vanity: Looking for the oldest entry with my name in it and found one from February 1994 and more vanity, embarrasing: 1998 Psybernet Web page 



June 17, 2006

Playing around with Odio. The audio snip in the last post in now in a new RSS feed called Psyberspace. Who knows what will come of it all. I have done this before, early in 2005 but it is easier now! Also it may be that I can find my voice in that sphere where cyber and psyche meet. It may be that it will sit well with my professional life.

Finding my voice

June 16, 2006

Five minutes of Audio. 

Audio Blog post – at Odeo
Some audio about finding my writer's, my blogger's voice. And the "show notes" follow"

My envy of Dan's voice:

Ref to a books I mention: …. Can't find "I had the Time" maybe it does not exist!

Yalom, Orbach, though these are not good examples as they are professional books. Exposing for all that.

Some talk about pseudonyms.

Reference to Identity blogging & naked blogging

Yalom interviews Zerka Moreno

June 7, 2006 Interviews, Therapist of the Month

Piercing Quotes from Zerka!

“Spontaneity is a new response to an old situation or an adequate response to a new situation.”

“A person who is mentally ill is a creator who got stuck.”

“We can’t give up our unfinished business, but must bring it to fruition and respectability.”

“The word is not the route to the psyche; in the beginning was not the word, but the act.”

“How delicate is this bridge. We’re all broken and need to become more cohesive, more integrated from within. Through the catharsis of integration, we become balanced within and without”

“Don’t think that because you build up a scene you’ve got to stick to it. You can change scenes. It’s a moving panorama.”

Milo’s Maps

June 4, 2006

Myles and Milo Dunphy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

I have just ordered some of the original maps by Milo Dunphy. Beautifully executed sketch maps of the Blue Mountains in NSW.  I realised how much I loved these maps as a young man, boy really, beginning on my Bushwalking journey.  So now I want one for nostalgia’s sake, though who knows it may lead to a Blue Mountains holiday.  Will post a picture soon!

Vision & Hope

June 4, 2006

E-Myth Worldwide:

A business without a vision is directionless. It lacks purpose. It lacks the essential idea from which commitment, growth, and the sense of personal achievement arrive and flourish. But a vision without a plan is only a hope. A vision needs a plan to make it come alive, to make it a reality.

A nice quote & bigger than just a business slogan. Kate & I have been working on our business  plan & Kate made a good distinction between Vision & Strategic Objective.
 The Vision is how it Looks. The Strategic Objective  includes the hidden means, it is like the difference behoove the picture of a house and the sketches of how the details work under the tiles & the cladding.