The Peter Pinney philosopy of life

Dust On My Shoes

A letter by his daughter from the flash story.


8 Responses to “The Peter Pinney philosopy of life”

  1. Sava Says:

    Hello, just found this entry on PP’s books and the Dust on my Shoes site. Nice comments & mention. Thank you, cheers Sava P (daughter Peter Pinney)

  2. WL Says:

    Thanks for that. I am most impressed, to quote PP’s letter to his daughter, and then to hear from the daughter! What a philosophy of life it is too, one that in different ways has never left me.

  3. Sava Says:

    Hi Psyber, just looking around and am back here again, just thought I’d let you know I have recently added some pics and bits to my/dad’s site (companion site to the broadband one). Hope life is sweet, cheers SP

  4. Sava Says:

    Oh I have to add address in the content –
    thanks, S

  5. amanda wright Says:

    Sava … please can you forward me an email address where i can get in touch with you.

    It is of a private nature.

    Many thanks, Amanda

  6. Steve Hill Says:

    Well I just took out after many years my UQPress paperback “The Barbarians” by Mr Pinney, which I bought in 1991. I have read it at least 3 times and lent it to mates, who enjoyed it. It has the detail of an Ivor Hele painting on the cover. On an impulse, I googled Mr Pinney to find he died the year after I bought it. How sad, but on second thoughts, this man would not have been sad to have left this earthly plane because he filled his 70 years to the full.

    This is a wonderful book, the only one I have by him. It is enough. Condolences to his daughter who started this thread a few years ago. I hope you read this and understand that your father bought much joy to many through his writing. And, he was there in Salamau etc.

    Take care

  7. Peter Conn Says:

    does anyone have information on Peters trip from England to Canada in the spring of 1955 and then on to New York I believe

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