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February 26, 2006

I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror �
The wide brown land for me!

We had to say this at shool in the fifties – over and over and the imprinting sticks. I love the place. Went there recently for the Psychodrama Conference in Brisbane, spent a week in northern NSW, driving around, camping, the poem kept rolling through my head, especially when there were floods or sweeping pains. I saw plenty of both while there.


February 26, 2006
Great Southern Land Lyrics – Icehouse

Great Southern Land, in the sleeping sun
you walk alone with the ghost of time
they burned you black, black against the ground
and they make it work with rocks and sand
I hear the sound of the stanger’s voices
I see their hungry eyes, their hungry eyes
Great Southern Land, Great Southern Land
you walk alone, like a primitive man
you walk alone with the ghost of time
and they burned you black
yeah, they burned you black
Great Southern Land

I have roots in that land. I heard the author speak about the first long note in that song, listening to him talk bought me back for a look. It is inspired by the the vast width flying from Sydney to Perth. I have flown that a few times! Vast sunburnt. I am not sure I really get the words but I sense an awe of of the land intertwined with the original people.

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Powerful Shadows

February 26, 2006
Did Bruno Bettelheim Want To Be Found Out?
I just bought a book by Bettelheim, Freud and Man’s Soul. The appeal was to get a grasp on a better translated Freud. New to me & starkly present in the bio on the first page of the book is the fact of Bettleheim’s suicide, that shocked me. More research reveals a wikipedia entry and other references to lies and abuse that mar his life. His theories are “proven” to be wrong. The man sure had a big shadow, but the reviews linked to above, “Given His Tortured Sense of Inferiority, Did Bettelheim Want To Be Found Out?” by Christine Downing gives a fuller account, allowing the possibility of seeing value in his work, light & shadow. After reading that I still want to go on reading my new book!

The Early Days of Dr. Moreno’s Career in New York

February 21, 2006
The Early Days of Dr. Moreno’s Career in New YorkGilbert Laurence prompted by my webpage on Moreno, sent me an email telling me he had trained with Dr J. L. Moreno in the early days. In March 2005, Gilbert (then 88 years old) responded to my curiosity questions. I have collated his responses from our brief correspondence.

Thanks Gilbert Laurence!

Message Notes for Next actions in Thunderbird

February 14, 2006

Mozilla Update :: Extensions — More Info:Message Notes – User Comments

Ah!! Message Notes does work with Thunderbird 1.5  It is a great thing to have as it enable me to add the Next Action GTD style.  I like the idea of an Icon that others mention in this forum, that would help me know which emails have the NA!

How to make it work for 1.5

by CyberAnth, Tuesday, January 17 2006

–Download the .xpi file. –Change the .xpi extension to .zip and unzip it. (NOTE: an .xpi is basically a .zip file!). There will be a chrome folder and one file called install.rdf. –Open install.rdf in Notepad and make the change that the poster below says. –Make a zip file of the chrome folder and the install.rdf file you just edited, and then change the extension to .xpi –Install using the Extensions interface in Thunderbird. –You are done.

Thanks! to all who contributed to this and for the edit tip!!

Blogging Kate’s Blog here!

February 14, 2006
Kate Tapley Horse Treks Ltd.This is the blog for our KTHT Business! We have not been very active blogging there – but it is a great idea. I recently did some training with the staff and I feel more like one of the team, not just a sharholder etc. Which means I’ll probably write more in the Blog there.

What would I write about? A lot of the psychological stuff that I learn about horses and people through being around Kate! amd the Horse Treks, not so much from direct horse contact. That human-horse relationship, just like the marriage relationship is all about healing the psyche. Just like in the couple relationship *safety* is of the essence. Until we are really assured otherwise “the other” is an enemy!

So… more on the KTHT Blog.

Email Like Water

February 11, 2006

I think I am a bit of a Ninja at email and many of the things here:Recap: Becoming an Email Ninja | 43 FoldersSound ok, but there is an underlying idea that email = waste of time.


Some email is a waste of time and some is valuable.

The art is to sort it, not postpone it, avoid it or to have email free hours or days.

I use Thunderbird and use many of the features: filters, flags, and customised Labels and "Search folders". I used to have an extension called "Message Notes" but it does not work with Thunderbird 1.5. Still hoping looking for an equivalent. The sorting happens vertically into folders and what I think of as "horozontally" by multiple tags in a variety of ways.

I apply the six GTD workflow steps. Collecting; (that is easy they just arrive). Processing; most of that is automatic using the software. Organising; doing if it is under 2 min, deleting delegating, organising includes includes linking to Address books, Mind-Maps and the Calendar and thinking about the the associated NAs and alerts reminders needed. Then there is the Reviewing Doing.

As I write this I realise there is philosophy needed to do this well, GDT is part of it, "email like water" also a notion that online communication is deeply revlolutionary for the psyche. This stuff matters.