Always worth reading

On Soul, Character and Calling: An Interview with James Hillman” by Scott London
He turns things on their head.
This is an interview that is a bit old, more related to A Force of Character, he has a book out since then – A Terrible Love of War. But this interview is worth reading, Hillman always is.

Yes, but calling can refer not only to ways of doing — meaning work — but also to ways of being. Take being a friend. Goethe said that his friend Eckermann was born for friendship. Aristotle made friendship one of the great virtues. In his book on ethics, three or four chapters are on friendship. In the past, friendship was a huge thing. But it’s hard for us to think of friendship as a calling, because it’s not a vocation.


2 Responses to “Always worth reading”

  1. meinexile Says:

    how does Hillman present himself differently other than the obvious: integration of archetypes?

  2. WL Says:

    Does he talk of integration of archetypes? Can archetypes be integrated? I doubt it. That is what the “arch” bit is about – chief. Individuating, differentiating the archetypes more likely.

    Thanks for your comment Meinexile – Love the title of your blog: Attaining & maintaining verticality. Are you still blogging?

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