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Always worth reading

January 31, 2006
On Soul, Character and Calling: An Interview with James Hillman” by Scott London
He turns things on their head.
This is an interview that is a bit old, more related to A Force of Character, he has a book out since then – A Terrible Love of War. But this interview is worth reading, Hillman always is.

Yes, but calling can refer not only to ways of doing — meaning work — but also to ways of being. Take being a friend. Goethe said that his friend Eckermann was born for friendship. Aristotle made friendship one of the great virtues. In his book on ethics, three or four chapters are on friendship. In the past, friendship was a huge thing. But it’s hard for us to think of friendship as a calling, because it’s not a vocation.


Pile or file?

January 12, 2006
My physical file GTD setup on flickr

Discussion in GTD on Yahoogroups about the use of piles. The seemed a silly idea till I realised that my three trays are a Pile. Why not have that stuff in a File? It needs to be in your face until it is is filed so no other reminder system is need for the day to day stuff.

Why notice all this stuff… the David Allen Getting things Done craze has got me.

It is quite profound, at the basis of such practical stuff on the surface is a major impact on the psyche, for me anyway.

What a Buzz on the Net at the moment

January 12, 2006

The Conversations Network

And this is the thing that got me blogging, a new site from Doug Kaye – I love IT Conversations but there is not enough non-IT that I like to listen to, this might just do it! So I have it in my RSS feed and look forward to some good stuff.