Mind Mapping

I have been using MindManager after hearing about it on the G’day World podcast.


I can’t wait to see more of these maps on blogs and on flickr

There is a free Mind Map Viewer , and a gallery of maps I wish there was a free basic map creator tool.

I am loving it! It is Web 2.0 for the personal PC, everything is xml and links together.

It is too MS orientated for me, though I can export fine to OOo (Word mode) and it is now my preferred way of writing a doc!

It will open photos from flickr right in a Map. It will open up RSS feeds in a map and use the Topic Notes to read them.

I will be writing more about this but the main thing will be that it is a new integrated:

  • Browser
  • File Manager
  • Word Processor
  • Contact Manager
  • To Do List


Can sinc with Windows Mobile




2 Responses to “Mind Mapping”

  1. livingStories Says:

    wow~! it looks great!! i used to use mind mapper but it doesnt look as pretty as this one:-)

    although i know it’s useful for getting ideas down or help organising thoughts, i hardly use it when i write my assignments coz i always find myself lost in distracting thoughts…..

  2. Aleph Says:

    I use FreeMind myself. It’s not quite as pretty, but it’s plenty functional, free, and fast (thanks to intuitive keyboard shortcuts)…

    It’s also programmed in Java, so should work well on most platforms (such as Linux, which is my platform of choice).

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