Wikipedia, Identity and Whuffie

Why Wikipedia Must Jettison Its Anti-Elitism Having started to contribute – immediately I have a nose for the meta discussion – and here is one excellent article. It all makes sense and having a peer-reviewed section on Wikipedia makes sense to me but hell! What is a peer? A reputation system might be one way – but there is the problem with popularity based systems. There is a complex reputation system inherent in academia – but it is also fraught. A combination might be good. Accredited university tenure might contribute to the but not contribute it all. Identity management must be in place first… I wonder how close that is?

I will learn more about this I am sure if I pursue my participation – which I am intending to do – and will though it may take me years to do a little.

Later: This is a good link to more of the same memoir from Larry Sanger.



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