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John Buckman & Magnatune

May 25, 2005

Dave Slusher interview John Buckman of Magnatune in this IT Conversations As I write this I am streaming a beautiful mp3 from Ehren Starks. And the whole concept has totally grabbed me – the future of music is here! No more kazaa. No more fat cat record labels. Look, I even get something like the record cover or CD booklet, bios and this great pic of the artists:
Ehren Starks. I began by listening to a Jazz m3u from the Genre site giving me urges to go the specific artists. I have enjoyed some but in a few hours of exploring I have not found anything really great. It is the cocept that is good, but an it produce great music? I hope so.

The philosophy is summed up here:

# I thought: why not make a record label that has a clue? That helps artists get exposure, make at least as much money they would make with traditional labels, and help them get fans and concerts.
# Magnatune is my project. The goal is to find a way to run a record label in the Internet Reality: file trading, Internet Radio, musicians’ rights, the whole nine-yards.


From Palm

May 25, 2005

Hi from the Palm with wi-fi & bluetooth. I began this post using my Tungsten T3 & the wi-fi card – and am editing it while having dinner, using bluetooth & my mobile phone. I have it working more or less as I want.

The web pro browser will not do all sites, eg Gmail wont work.

For all that I love being connected on the go!

In so many ways I am more integrated with cyberspace all the time.

I experience it as living in a new environment…

Psychiatric Services

May 5, 2005

Psychotherapy and Eclecticism: I stumbles onto this site from Google news, and there were a couple of interesting articles.

Moreover, no one is really ‘knowledgeable’ about how best to combine differing treatments. Little evidence is available with which to inform eclecticism. Hence, although mixing techniques is a constant temptation in therapy sessions, it is best avoided. The risk inherent in eclecticism is that therapists will fall into idiosyncratic approaches, as they did in the pre-empirical past. It’s important that psychiatric residents be trained in carefully defined treatments (psychodynamic, cognitive, and so forth) so that such eclecticism—a euphemism for entropy—is minimized.

John C. Markowitz, M.D.

In my own psychotherapy journey I went from an eclectic start to a very focussed & pure psychodrama stage… have I lost that to eclecticism as I have learnt more about Jung and analytical practitioners? My approach is not so much eclectic as a comfortable old hours which retains it character but has had some efficient modifications well incorporated all in keeping with its original style. Of course I would challenge his whole notion of pre and post empirical times. The past was quite empirical, perhaps more thasn he thinks, and the present is not as empirical as it might seem, and anyway empirical is not really the right word.

Still his point about the muddied eclecticism makes sense, though it might not really include what happans in the post purity stage in the case of experienced clinicians.