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Future of Content Management debate in Amsterdam

April 30, 2005

From the Gilbane Report Blog

Our opening keynote panel at our Amsterdam conference on 25 May, The Future of Content Management will be looking at strategic technology issues businesses, governments and NGOs need to be thinking about. Our panel is made up of technology executives who are responsible for a huge number of installed tools, and for strategic technology development at their respective firms. There will certainly be strong differences of opinion, but where this panel agrees on something, it will be worth knowing.

In Psyberspace here I have been doing quite abit on tags and such. Content management – it is an interesting idea. Is psychotherapy a sort of very sophisticated process that in some ways could be called “Content management”. Of course to call it that would be to belittle it, but it is interesting to see it as in the same family.

Think of mirroring and empathy… it is a way of giving back in a condensed form what is really a huge amount of information. Think of dream work. The structure of the content is related to a theme or meaning that is not to be found by searching the words that describe the dream.

And perhaps there is a lot that CMS vendors could learn about relationships from psychotherapists – content does not flow without a trusting and secure container and the relationship is the container.

And what is content? Not always just what is spoken, or expressed. Content has an unconscious.



Psychotherapy focus of lecture

April 17, 2005

The Oklahoma Daily Online Edition:

Wampold said he wanted to show his audience the ‘side effects’ of psychotherapy.
‘The side effects of psychotherapy are increased productivity, increased libido, increased well-being, inclining marital satisfaction and acquisition of coping skills with long-term benefits,’ he said.
Psychotherapy also works in other positive ways, Wampold said.
‘There is an emotionally charged confiding relationship with a helping person,’ he said.

Good to hear good things about my trade!

International Community for Ecopsychology

April 13, 2005

International Community for Ecopsychology:

Ecopsychology, or eco-psychology as it is sometimes called, is situated at the intersection of a number of fields of enquiry, including environmental philosophy, psychology, and ecology, but is not limited by any disciplinary boundaries. At its core, ecopsychology suggests that there is a synergistic relation between planetary and personal well being; that the needs of the one are relevant to the other.

Came across this in connection with the interesting *collaborative blog* Seeds for Thought


April 11, 2005

Wired 13.04: VIEW An intro by Bruce Stirling. Covers it well.


Lake Wakatipu Queenstown

April 11, 2005

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Lake Wakatipu Queenstown

Queenstown Walking Podcasts Movies

April 11, 2005

G’day World 7 Can only take so much of these guys – but they entertained me as I walked up the Queenstown Hill.

The Conference is over and I spent the afternoon walking, contemplating on the conference and the value of having such a community and then listening to podcasts. This IT Conversations was interesting, From the Labs :

In this session from the Web 2.0 Conference, you’ll get to hear some of the most intriguing new developments from three of the biggest R&D shops in the world: IBM, Google and Microsoft.

OK, it may be capitalism but they are exploring and collaborating.

Michael Grohagan added two pods to the mix: Reel Reviews – Assault On Precinct 13, Reel Reviews – Contempt. The last one I still want to see, sounds good. The first one sounds ok, but tonight, as it happens I saw the remake in the Queenstown Embassy. It was ok. Interestingly this movie was based on Rio Bravo which gets an 8.00 in the IMDB.

Billy Collins – The Night House

April 7, 2005 Billy Collins – The Night House:

And the mind gets up too, puts on a robe
And goes downstairs, lights a cigarette,
And opens a book on engineering.
Even the conscience awakens
And roams from room to room in the dark,
Darting away from every mirror like a strange fish.

This is a snippet from the oem read by the chairperson of the Council meeting I went to – beautiful way to start the meeting as we gather together and also gather our inner bits for the work ahead. Made me want a smoke.

This one was read out the next day: The First Dream Beautiful! And this one:
I Chop Some Parsley While Listening to Art Blakey’s Version of Three Blind Mice


Psychotherapy and Scientific Method

April 6, 2005

Psychotherapy and Scientific Method pdf file. A paper about sociometry and musings about the future of knowing. Presentation at the NZAP conference, Queenstown, New Zealand, April 2005

This paper has been a long time in the writing. It has been hard to do as the ideas are profound, important but still somewhat underdeveloped. I will be presenting this at the conference this weekend, looking forward to that and with luck, getting more clarity from presenting it. Here is the abstract:

The scientific method used in the physical sciences does not easily lend itself to the study of interpersonal relationships and it can conflict with a psychological depth perspective. Dr. J.L. Moreno, the founder of psychodrama, proposed that the methods he used with the psyche and the socius are scientific but unlike the methods of the physical sciences. He took this one astounding step further by stating this would lead to a new paradigm of investigation that would revolutionise even the physical sciences.This paper explains, examines and defends aspects of the nature of psychological work that needs a re-evaluation of the scientific methods akin to that proposed by Moreno. It concludes with discussion of the implications for psychotherapy in three vital areas: training and assessment of psychotherapists, supervision and evaluation of psychotherapy for insurance purposes.

Intimacy and Online Psychotherapy

April 6, 2005

Intimacy and Online Psychotherapy:

We are close in cyberspace. When you write and post using the Internet I can see inside your mind when you are in solitude. You can quote and link to my words and send them to others. You can save what I write, print it or delete it. You can respond to any word of mine at any time, we have equality as author and reader.

Browsing my own website! Found this and was quite impressed with what I have there. More links to writing here. I am about to add another item to that page. See the next post.