Web 2.0 – the era

The recent post about the new phase in the web, and what to call it. Perhaps it is Web-two-dot-oh, there has been the conference Web as Platform, and I have listened to IT converdations about it. What does Wikapedia say? “No page with that title exists”, but there is a Dot-com page.

I have a few more links coming up on Web 2.0


One Response to “Web 2.0 – the era”

  1. Richard MacManus Says:

    Hi Walter,

    I see you’ve written a few posts recently about Web 2.0. This just happens to be what I write about on my weblog, http://www.readwriteweb.com. I’m a New Zealander btw – thought I’d mention that as your domain is .co.nz so I presume you’re one too.

    Good to come across your blog.

    regards, Richard

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