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The Psybernet Story Continues….

January 27, 2005

The second Psybernet podcast. Walter continues to tell the story of Psybernet – the experiential exploration of cyberspace or psyberspace. THe chronological thread continues taking us to about 1996. Diversions along the way.
Show notes coming some time.
Psybernet 002


Psybernet Podcast 001

January 25, 2005

Here is the podcast as promised but more than a week after we made it.

Psybernet Podcast 001

The next is on its way.

Shownotes are coming.

The iPodder feed is coming…

What has taken priority is my four day Lewis Pass Sound-Seeing tramp – at some point that too will be up and running.

Please leave comments – send audio to incude in the next show.


if you have not already done so, check out the other Podcast Kate & Walter make, the Kate Tapley Horse Whisper Podcast:

Re: The Horse Whisperer Podcast

January 18, 2005

Hi Kate, Josh, Amy & Bex, Brian, Dan, Barry, Bona, all in the Trek Guide Group! Edward, Vicky, Ali, Readers of Walter’s Blog, and Psyber-L

This is Podcast Number 2! Recorded using the iPod – I think it sounds better, but the quest for better audio continues. I won’t keep sending these up dates like this but we have loved the feedback & would like more.

About 300 riders have opted in to our mailing list and I am not quite sure if these Podcasts are up to us alerting everyone… maybe soon.

So please let us know what you think. We had a lot of fun making it.

The Kate’s News blog:

Or for future ref, the permanent link to the Podcast.

Please leave comments on the weblog, email us – send audio clips, voice mail, we will play them on the show.

OK, that done, I am now off tramping for 4 or 5 days!



Another Great IT Conversation – Jerry Fiddler

January 14, 2005

I have been listening to Jerry Fiddler the Windriver owner. Very interesting on the whole direction of the future. Intersection of biology and engineering. He mentions Steven Webber Success of Open Source 5stars – a Political Scientist from Berkeley who is saying that Open Source is a new mode of production.

I think I have said that here on the blog a few times, but I recently also though how public works are a very similar mode. To create something all capitalists benefit from, but none could really own, at least initially, the state steps in: space, roads, education and so on.

It seems that Open Source creates those things that may be like that – Linux for example competes with MS but is really a sort of road for many enterprises who should & could not just use proprietary roads, they need to share roads.

Still, it is a different mode of production. But not one that is necessarily going to create a new revolutionary class, as new modes such as industrialisation did.

(I will tidy these email posts up later) – Tuesday, 25 January 2005 — now done!

Mt. Lyford Week

January 14, 2005

I am up here at Mt. Lyford – working through my To Do Lists – and getting more & more to the writing phase! Not many days left though.

The bandwidth is bad here right now, around 21 kbps – so editing stuff online is out, and I am doing these last few posts via email and not looking up links. I’ll go back and tidy up. I know I will as it is in my GTD system!!

The weather has been good and I have enjoyed a few walks. More of that! Also have been very enthused & stimulated by listening to Dave Winer, Adam Curry, and many IT conversations. So will keep up the comments.

And maybe send up some audio.

The Horse Whisperer Podcast

January 14, 2005

Hi Kate, Josh, Amy & Bex, Brian, Dan, Barry, Bona, all in the Trek
Guide Group! Edward, Vicky, Ali, Readers of Walter’s Blog, and Psyber-L

We have done it: Have a look at the link below and download the mp3.
I am now looking at how I can get this into an opml enclosure and
syndicate it with xml and rss – any ideas?

We will be making one of these – better quality, as we learn how –
every Monday.

We will ALSO make a Psybernet one, every Monday, So look out for that.

The Kate’s News blog:

Or for future ref, the permanent link:

Please leave comments and email us – send audio clips, we will play
them on the show.

The web is now gone talkie.



Laws of Identity

January 13, 2005

1. Technical identity systems must only reveal information identifying
a user with the user’s consent.

2. The solution which discloses the least identifying information is
the most stable, long-term solution.

3. Technical identity systems must be designed so the disclosure of
identifying information is limited to parties having a necessary and
justifiable place in a given identity relationship.

5. The Law of Pluralism:

A universal identity system MUST channel and enable the interworking
of multiple identity technologies run by multiple identity providers.

Must complete the list and get a grip on all this

All somewhere maybe on

Kim Cameron’s


I heard a great IT conversations on this topic… Gilmore Gang