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December 21, 2004

Spot the difference, this is the third time – this time with Hello Posted by Hello


Beautiful Logos, again, this time from Flikr

December 21, 2004


For some reason my linked image did not show up – so here it is via my new flikr account which lets me post pix. Lets see…


Later – had to edit it quite a bit, but that is ok. It made a link back to my photos – sometimes that would be OK. But I want to try my Zope thing again, or maybe Picasa. The image is actually quite degraded from what I clipped.


Later – the linked to from the artists website occasionally shows up. Now I am the trail for a decent server for photos. I want a system that will:

  • Store the photos
  • Ease of posting
  • Free
  • Reliable
  • No huge or ugly Logos

Maximum Spontanious Participation

December 21, 2004

On Dan’s Sociocorpus. I may need this Moreno quote.

Monday, blow by blow account.

December 21, 2004

This is the day Kate and I have planned to be together in out hectic lives… a sabath, a sacred day but it was not like that!

I slept in till not too late – but Kate had started on the sacred practice without me (house cleaning). I came to in the bath… managed to get up & dressed. Replied to a few emails. Bought the paper at the garage across the road, had coffee and musli.

Major catastrophy with the Horse treks, nothing worked – phone calls came here and trek guides did not stick to their roster & kate had to go to work!

I did my share of the sacred practices (vacuuming & dishwasher etc) and then did some of my finances and went off to my hearing aid appointment and picked up these new Widex Diva Elan aids…


So far they seem OK.

Then got a hair cut, went to the expensive place as the last cheap place did a lousy job! This one seems ok.


Then had a nice night with Simon & Sara, sushi at their place. And yes we manages to do our dialogue event there… it went ok, Kate and I sorted out a few things too, later driving home.

Now, here, late at night on the inkernet.

Beautiful Logos

December 21, 2004

journal : // hicksdesign.

I posted the Thunderbird picture yesterday, nice! Here is another interesting one – go to the site for comments. Jon Hicks could make me a logo anyday!


Do I Need Therapy?

December 21, 2004

John M. Grohol, Psy.D. has a quiz. Quite good really. I scored a nice 28 and that means I could do with some! About right too. My whole life is one big therapy session really so it is in hand!

Another Day

December 20, 2004

Of course these days are *yesterday* by some standard… as it is already well past midnight as I write. A much more sleepy day but still did some stuff…


Just been importing mail from Forte Agent into Thunderbird. Works well, both share the same unix format… no that is not right, I can “Save messages as” in a unix format. Mozilla then makes its own additional files in the Profile. Nice. Before that added Mozilla Thunderbird to my Second Copy backup Profiles. Will do another backup after importing more mail.

Before that Kate & I listened to a Dawn & Drew Show that was fun.

Dawn & Drew

In the afternoon I did some errands and finished up sitting in the Merivale Coffee Culture listening to more Podcasts, the best one was The Dysons (though Esther was not there).

The Dysons

That Coffee Culture business impresses me – though the coffee at Merivale is not as good as at some of the other outlets – that must be a worry for the chain.

Back further in the day I did a mailout for Kate Tapley Horse Treks – our Christmas Special Voucher offer! We now have almost 300 people on our list – all opt in at the time of the ride plus a few who sub from the web. Woosh would not let me send it out! Had to log on to Ihug.

BTW – love that Woosh.

The day

December 19, 2004

Suddenly have the time to write. Man I have been stressed. I manage it all but it is too much. This year I have taken on being active in our Kate Tapley Horse Treks business – which has been a good thing on one hand, and a stretch and a challenge on the other.

In May 2004 we wrote a fantastic Business Plan using the Michael Gerber E-Myth system to guide us – it enlivened me enormously. Then my own psychotherapy practice suddenly became busier than it had been for the last 5 years – both f2f and and online… then I got sick … and stressed as all our plans have not led to the results we wanted.

Today I rested, thank God, then we had a KTHT marketing meeting, went for quite a long walk with Eli the dog, Kate made dinner, I went to the movies, saw Saw which was so so. Came home and set up an online group at

Now here I am fiddling with my various ventures, typing this in Texpad, which I am using as an External Editor in Thuderbird. Quite enjoying it but have some gripes – mainly about how it quotes. I miss highlighting some lines and having just those quote. Perhaps there is an extension for that. I am moving over to Thunderbird after about 10 year of using Forte Agent for email. This is an email addressed to my blog – so that is something I have not done much of.

I spent a bit of time today listening to Podcasts, and also reading Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson – on my Palm! Bought all three in the trilogy for the eReader. I was not getting the book read as I have the hard cover – and I just could not lug it around!

Enough for one day!

Google Define:Pods

December 17, 2004

Google comes up with these definitions for Pod

An enclosure, housing, or detachable container of some kind, as an engine pod.

the vessel that contains the seeds of a plant (not the seeds themselves)

And from now on it should also have:

a pod is a device that moves away from the mothership, as in space craft with with smaller more mobile vessels for exploratory missions. And since 2004, a pod is any mobile device that uses the personal computer for docking e.g., PDAs, Smart Phones, Digital Cameras and mp3 players.