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Google Weblog

February 17, 2004

Google Weblog a nice blog! Right now they have a good post on Google’s policy:

Google’s long-standing policy of not accepting AdWords for any site they deemed ‘Anti’, which previously banned ads for a weblog criticizing actor John Malkovich’s anti-semitism, has now been used to stifle more political speech.

It is a well thought out item, not critical of Google’s control over their ads as such, but more on how they do it.



February 15, 2004

I am still reading Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver – and so I was interested to sit up and watch a BBC Genius program on Robert Hooke, who features in the novel. This of course led to a bit of surfing – the man interests me as he was a great scientist & creator and then erased from history by Newton! ( I wonder if this will emerge in the Neal Stephenson novel? )
Robert Hooke

The portrait above is the only one believed to be authentic and was discovered recently after being missing for a long time.

It is from the site:
Hooke Portraits Another site I like is:

I also snapped an image from the TV of a portrait a woman was reconstructing, will post that up later.

Straight to the point – RMS at his best

February 8, 2004

SCO, GNU and Linux – GNU Project – Free Software Foundation (FSF):

SCO’s contract dispute with IBM has been accompanied by a smear campaign against the whole GNU/Linux system. But SCO made an obvious mistake when it erroneously quoted me as saying that ‘Linux is a copy of Unix.’ Many readers immediately smelled a rat–not only because I did not say that, and not only because the person who said it was talking about published ideas (which are uncopyrightable) rather than code, but because they know I would never compare Linux with Unix.

That is the opening of a short but crystal clear article on the SCO business. I respect this man’s integrity and moral clarity. I will never use the prhase “intellectual property” again!