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February 23, 2003

There is a great little – – paper that proposes that the Net is not like other media which conform to McLuhan’s insight that media are an extension of the human senses. Rather the Internet is an extension of all other media. Just as our senses are re-shaped by the development of the ordinary media so media is re-shaped by the Net. Amputate is a word that McLuhan uses. Media amputates our senses the corollary is that the Net amputates media.

All this came beautifully to mind while listening to Frank Miller talk on public radio via the Net of course, about Daredevil, the comic he reinvented and which is now a movie and which no doubt I could download with Kazaa months before it arrives here in NZ.

There is a new development happening I think where artists, directors, producers etc. are not just cashing in on the new environment but using it creatively. Adaptation (the movie) explores this to some extent. AI had a Net event? Imagine a “happening” that was as much a book as a film as a web phenomena, not one adapting to the other, but an integrated whole.


2003-02-15 War Protests Around the World

February 23, 2003

Here is the collection

crowd from air


February 18, 2003

I could not get audblog to work from our NZ phone but made a quick mp3: very simple to do! I can hear it easily in my quicktime plugin, but I imagine other devices cwould work. You could also download it and play it in winamp.


Will put something new here from time to time.

America’s Age of Empire: The Bush Doctrine

February 15, 2003 | Commentary
This is “republican” opposition to empire, imperialism and Bush? I wonder how important that rift is within the US?

The story behind the Bin Laden Tape

February 12, 2003

One Battlefield, Two Wars, by Justin Raimondo

Interesting bit of insight into what bin Laden is on about AND how the media supress that to suit the Bushies.

A useful source?

February 10, 2003

Useful, as it has regular updates and insights I am not seeing readily elswhere. Interesting to note the editor’s politics, conservative, libertarian, see here. How interesting that there is this movement on the right, which like the socialist left opposes this war, UN sanctions or not, and like the left sees it as a move towards empire.

This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow

February 9, 2003

February 02, 2003 – February 08, 2003 Archives

Tom Morrow’s weblog. The reason for war in Powell’s speech, in one line.

Working for Change features Tom’s comic.


Otautahi Christchurch New Zealand Peace Action Network

February 5, 2003

Otautahi Christchurch New Zealand Peace Action Network

We have now confirmed Victoria Square, 1pm on February 15th as the venue.

The next planning meeting will be 6:30 pm Tuesday February 11th at the WEA. We will be finalising Picnic For Peace organising, followed by a longer-term strategy discussion at 7 pm. This is an open meeting, all are welcome.

There is lots of discussion on organising this event on the PANNZ list (see contact details below) so we recommend you join the list if you want to be involved.

John Perry Barlow

February 4, 2003 | News
Good to hear this from someone in the music world:

All of this stuff about ‘piracy’ is fomented entirely by the record and film industries to perpetuate business models that are completely disadvantageous to both the creator and the audience. They are the biggest pirates in the deal. But unfortunately, they have made huge amounts of campaign donations and essentially created all the government that money can buy. And they have Congress. Congress is passing laws like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act which make it so you can’t break open the bottles that they’re pouring your knowledge into. They directly contravene the right to know. The right to know, I think, though it may not be explicit in the Constitution is every bit as important as the right to speak.

US is misquoting my Iraq report, says Blix

February 2, 2003

Dr Blix took issue with what he said were US Secretary of State Colin Powell’s claims that the inspectors had found that Iraqi officials were hiding and moving illicit materials within and outside of Iraq to prevent their discovery. He said that the inspectors had reported no such incidents.

Similarly, he said, he had not seen convincing evidence that Iraq was sending weapons scientists to other countries to prevent them from being interviewed.

Nor had he any reason to believe, as President George Bush charged in his State of the Union speech, that Iraqi agents were posing as scientists, or that his inspection agency had been penetrated by Iraqi agents and that sensitive information might have been leaked to Baghdad.

Finally, he said, he had seen no persuasive indications of Iraqi ties to al-Qaeda. “There are other states where there appear to be stronger links,” such as Afghanistan, Dr Blix said. “It’s bad enough that Iraq may have weapons of mass destruction.”

It really is bad how the US admin machine generates lies, this info is also reported but somehow the might of the lies machine overwhelms it all. I got this link of daypop, not Google News for example, which means people find this but search engines don’t?

It might make no real sense to have UN inspectors (backed by US might) in Iraq but for all that the battle there is holding off the war for now, perhaps because of a falling out among thieves. For all that if the US had its way millions would be dead by now. But ultimately Blix and the UN can’t be trusted to keep the peace.

The Unseen Gulf War by Peter Turnley – The Digital Journalist

February 1, 2003

How can we stop this now?

Psychotherapy Online with Walter Logeman

February 1, 2003

My invitation …

Write to me in an email, about one of the following:

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Thought I’d highlight my Psychotherapy Online practice. This weblog (focused on the psyche in cyberspace) will give you (if you are considering psychotherapy) some sense of who I am… but not quite of the intimate and personal work that a psychotherapeutic connection involves. Online that connection can go very deep.

Poets Against the War

February 1, 2003

Index of Poems

And it’s madness
to ask poets to celebrate,
when people can’t even
breathe deeply
for fear of war’s imminence.

— Gregory Orr

How i feel at times going about simply living – let alone celebrating life. Particularly acute with the more fun and trivial stuff…

Saint Isidore of Seville

February 1, 2003

Patron Saints Index

Patron Saint of the Internet – good little article

February 1, 2003

Patron Saint of the Internet

Could he only be sanctified, the best candidate might be that good Catholic Marshall McLuhan. Don’t laugh — he was very much a good Catholic. He even won an appointment from the Vatican in 1973.

McLuhan’s truths, like “the media is the massage” (usually misread as “the medium is the message”), still resonate nearly two decades after his death. But my favorite is this one: “Most people are alive in an earlier time, but you must be alive in our own time.”

Interesting too on this page is Isidore’s ideas about choice.

Heresy is from the Greek word meaning “choice”… But we are not permitted to believe whatever we choose, nor to choose whatever someone else has believed. We have the Apostles of God as authorities, who did not… choose what they would believe but faithfully transmitted the teachings of Christ. So, even if an angel from heaven should preach otherwise, he shall be called anathema.

There is some glimmer of truth in this… we have freedom to choose what we believe, but only if we are happy with nonsense, we are forced to choose from the domain of the credible! That does not leave much, probably not even the authorities Isidore looked to.