Firefox, Evhead

Evan Williams, president/CEO of Pyra Labs, the creators and operators of Blogger, writes:

By the way, I was starting to dig Mozilla a while back and using it quite a bit, but now I’ve found I’ve migrated back to IE. The main reasons: IE opens when I click a link from email (this could be changed, I know). And IE starts quicker.

I’m still with Mozilla and loving it. Why? Tabs Browsing. Set up the tabs so they open in the background and so that you can use the middle button (wheel) to open them on a link in web page, and use the middle button to shut the tabs when you are done. I bet IE will ape this real soon, as it is just impossible for me to go back.

I have not found a way to open emails as a new tab in an open browser, but my email does go to Mozilla. Fast enough for me, faster I think than IE?

But Evan, the Edit this Post box is tiny in Blogger on my screen in Mozilla…


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